Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas with Christmas Boutique

I just want to quickly say I'm so sorry this is late.  I've been really tired recently and even had a really nasty virus where I had to go to A&E (don't worry everything's fine)

So it's after Halloween and the supermarkets have stocked up with their Christmas and New years eve party food and decorations already.  It's a very odd feeling being excited about Christmas again.  I haven't felt excited for a long time.  I mean recent stresses in life have made me lose the excitement a tiny bit but I'm trying not to let that get me down.  I just have to keep the faith that everything is going to be okay and everything will slot into place (house problems).  It's kinda odd to be excited this yeah as well because I haven't actually got David on Christmas day his dad does. Either way I really want to make my home feel really festive this year.

Christmas Boutique were kind enough to feed my Christmas spirit by sending me some decorations to make my house feel more festive this year.  I've taken pictures but I haven't put them up yet.  I was going to wait until December but I doubt I can last that long, ekk.

This small draw string bag is only £4.99 and although it's small don't be put off by it's size as I was able to fit the rest of the decorations I'm about to show you inside.  I've already got David a bigger bag but this will be perfect for any additional items.  After all you always say "I'll only buy this for my child this year" then before you know it you can fill the whole living room up.  I may even use this for David's future stocking when he's older as this is a more mature version.  No doubt like his auntie and uncle he'll STILL ask for a stocking up until he leaves the house.  Yep you heard me right my sister and brother still ask for a Christmas stocking and they are well above the age of 16 (pretty sure it's just so they get more gifts cheeky monkeys!).

I really love these letters as they are kinda of old fashioned I suppose. there great for a mantle piece decoration or on your window sill. I'm tempted to even do some crafting with them with David as they are indeed actually recycled from printing press blocks.  If not I might super glue them to a bigger bit of wood and have them spelled out downwards or similar and hang it on a wall.  I can also see them being great on the fireplace now I think about it...damn I wish I had a fireplace now! Candles either side above a fireplace would look sooo beautiful!

Well Damn look how cute this little fella is.  I kid you not a "awww" came out of me when I saw this guy pop out of the box.  I do find the name rather insulting though...fat...pfft sexy curvy Santa more like! I mean come on look how adorable he is!....okay I'll stop now I'm sorry. Seriously though this would look great on a shelf up high if you have children as well if you don't want him to break easily. If you can't afford the Elf on the Shelf I think this would be a great swap as you could tell your children it has a hidden camera inside and he checks the recording at night time to see if you have been naughty...........then again that sounds slightly creepy but still a great decorations to have in your house when the Christmas decorations come out.

4. Set of 12 Assorted Colour Mini Glass Bauble Decorations (£5.99)

Now I know what your thinking....there just bauble's right?  WRONG they're mini baubles.....still don't get it?  Unless your a Christmass Tree decorating wizard you will always have those branches where you can't hang anything because they space inbetween the branches are just tiny.  Please tell me I'm not alone here, I mean come on it's just annoying well not anymore, with these mini baubles I can fill those gaps and settle my Christmas Tree perfecting OCD yay!

5. Red Coloured Glass Christmas Tea Light Holders (£5.00)

There is nothing like lighting a few candles after the presents have been open and the dinner has been eaten when your full to your eyelids laying on the sofa and watching Christmas films. These festive red and white polka dot tea light holders are sure to set you in a snug mood that will leave you wishing the Christmas day was happening all again tomorrow (well maybe not the one who had to cook the dinner....and perhaps without the cost of presents).

6. Set of Three 15cm White Retro Honeycomb Pom Pom Decorations (£4.99)

So these delicate looking pom poms come in a range of colours not just white, from black, blue to even pink.  They are great to hang up on the tree or even hang from the ceiling.  you will have to make these as they come "flat packed" but that just makes these pom poms even more fun with little ones around the house.  They can join in with the fun and help you bring them to life.  However do be careful as they are quite fiddly as I found out.  One was slightly broken and didn't come with a paper clip though it's easy to fix so nothing to worry about too much.

That's all the decorations Christmas Boutique sent me and I can't wait to decorate my house with them and make my house full of festive cheer!  I was really impressed with the packaging that surrounded my items and everything was made to feel safe and secure.  If you have any questions about any of the items be sure to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible until next time!


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