Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Event

Hello everyone, sorry you haven't heard much from me I just haven't been feeling 100%.  Whenever I write a post I want it to be enjoyable and I don't want it to feel like a job but recently that's how I've been feeling..  This post is quite late but there is a reason I felt there was better timing to leave it until after Halloween :).  So basically the story starts that I attended this event back in September.  I went with my brother and my son David.  I could of got David babysat but I actually wanted to take him to this event.  The event was held in a cute little children centre like place.  It had a play area and a cafe all I know is that it was cute.  the Skylanders team hired out a small room perhaps too small considering the amount of people there.  The games were set up along side the new figures and children could play at will.  Now the thing that was different with this new game was the fact you can now play it on your tablet and Kindle Fire.  

David playing the Wii-U with Skylanders Trap Team
The room which the event was in was very child friendly.  There was a guy blowing up balloons and a face painter, as well as the games to play of course.  Food was laid out for the hungry little munchkins and I was impressed with the variety healthy options (okay brownies not so much but the strawberries count right?).

Healthy snacks at the event for the children
There were only 3 characters that were displayed on the day which was
1. Snap Shot, he is a Water Skylander Trapmaster and is used to unlock water gates in the game.  He is my partners favourite.

2. This is Wallop.  He is a Earth Skylanders Trap Master.  He is used to unlock the Earth gates within the game. I haven't got this character but slowly but surely I may collect them all.  Well I will have to to complete the game 100% but I'll get to that in a moment.

3. This is Food Fight. He is one of the new Skylanders that have been released with the game.  He is me and my sons favourite.  However he is not a Trap Master but still very fun to play with.  He is included alongside Snap Shot in the starter pack.

So about the gates. Basically in the game there are gates that you can unlock using "trap masters".  I've seen a few people on forums that are upset about this as it means having to buy more figures.  Now I just want to make it clear I haven't played the whole game BUT from what I can tell so far you don't NEED to unlock them to complete the game.  However if you are a perfectionist like me it will bug you leaving them locked ha ha.  Saying that they are not that expensive to buy if you collect them every so often.  Heck Christmas is coming up they would make very cool stocking fillers.

Each Skylander comes with it's only "trap" that you use to trap the monsters that you defeat in.  I won't give too much away as I want to review the game in the future.  I can guarantee though it will make your kids giggle when you trap the enemies.  That is another thing though you have to have the character that has the trap of the same element as the enemy to trap them.  (I highly recommend trapping the sheep).  It may be annoying to some but in a business way I have to applaud Activision for their merchandising. That's about it for this blog.  I hope you enjoyed reading it and again I'm sorry that I've gone a bit quiet if you do enjoy reading my blogs I just like to make sure I'm 100% dedicated.


  1. This looks like a fantastic place and I love how the food is set out! :)

    1. thanks for the comment ^^ yeah the food looked so good I forgot to mention they even did packed lunches for the kids :D