Friday, 24 May 2013


So most of you may know me from Tonyotimes, or even from the various other social sites I am, such as Youtube or Facebook. Even though I blog every now and then on Tonyotimes I made this personal blog in the hope that I blog more often.  Don't get me wrong I will still post on Tonyotimes but I will be focusing more on this. In the upcoming weeks you will see me posting all kinds of things.  From reviews to every day family life.

My handsome boy and his daddy.

Talking about family, yesterday I wrote down a bunch of things I want to do with David in my local area.  Most of them are free which is great because I don't have the biggest budget to work with.  So you can be sure that I will be posting about my adventures with my son.  David's birthday was 4 days ago and he turned 1 so no doubt there will be lots to talk about regarding his development. He is not walking yet so when he finally does I'll probably make a "yay he's finally walking" blog haha.


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