Sunday, 26 May 2013

Event | The Ship of Dreams

So last week it was David's birthday and it was a very successful birthday party.  If you would like to read more about David's birthday party then please go to my TonyoTimes Blog. Anyway after the party and when David finally woke up from his nap we got ready to go to The Ship of Dreams event that was happening in our local town. It was really lucky that this event was happening on the same day as David's 1st birthday party, as his party theme was Pirates.  We were soon ready and raring to go.  We put David in his trike, that his grandparents got him for his birthday, as we wanted to test to see how he would react to it (if he would like it or not).

David in his Trike
It was a great success he loved it! We had to wait for a while for the float to start but we were greatly impressed, it was like a walking circus!  There were people dancing on the "ship" and people on bouncy stilts and other stuff it was so amazing. below are a few pictures for example (sorry if some of them are blurry bad lighting and movement)

So after the "ship" had passed us everyone started to follow it.  I however had a more cunning plan.  I knew that the ship was headed to Compass Gardens, the local park, and it wasn't too far away so I went straight there instead!  A lot of people were already there, weather they had been there all along or had done the same as me I don't know. I managed to find a gap for David though and me and Jake were behind his trike and got a good view of things.  I'm not going to lie I did get annoyed a few times as there was a woman next to David and a few times she decided to, no word of a lie, put her bum right in David's face.  I was close to saying something but David spoke for himself when he grabbed her clothes ha ha.  It wasn't long until the ship arrived at the park and the events started, lots of dancing was done and a few impressive tricks.  One being over the "drunken" pirate actor climbing up a pole and it looked like he was falling but wrapped his legs around the pole just in time to stop him from hitting the ground.  It was all very clever and very well timed, like I said most of it was based on circus tricks and acts but still very enjoyable.

Last but not least the FOAM!! They let the foam out and let us go in it! It was great cause there were tons of the stuff.  We all danced in it like one big community and I also ran through it whilst holding David.  All in all it was a great evening and lots of fun and I really hope my council do something like that next year...with foam of course.  Below are pictures from the event and if you would like to see a video of the event then please check out my You Tube channel which is linked to the right under the "Follow me" section.  Peace out.

The foam!!!!


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