Thursday, 27 June 2013

Holiday: Wednesday (Doctor Who Experience)

So I haven't talked about the rest of my holiday recently and I'm really sorry I've just been so busy with reviews and other stuff (I still haven't recorded my Sure review vlog yikes!).  I'm here now though and I'm ready to tell you about the rest of it, with pictures of course.

So on Wednesday it was pretty bad weather, we were very lucky to get the sun we did for the past few days but now the heavens decided to open.  So I wanted to take advantage of this weather and go somewhere that was indoors.  We decided to head to Cardiff for the day and me and Jake went to the Doctor Who Experience!  It was handy actually as mum wanted to go and get some new shoes and there was a big shopping centre in Cardiff so everyone was happy.  When we got the Cardiff we was very confused as the sat nav took us to some hotels.  We found out afterwards that dad had actually entered the wrong post code.  Even more reason why I prefer maps over Sat navs haha.  Once we put the right post code in we got there fine but we couldn't drive up to the building as it was buses only.  Not that I was bothered even if it was raining, I was in the mood to walk. Whilst walking over the bridge I noticed a Tardis by the docks which was unsual.

We didn't have to walk that far until we were at the building.  We were welcomed by Doctor Who themed doors and a Tardis sign.  When we went in I straight away noticed all the beautiful art work on the wall.  Whoever painted it was very talented, not only this but they also had a Tardis made out of Lego which was pretty cool to see.  I had always seen them on the TV but never in real life.  We brought our tickets and only had to wait 15 minutes which was quite good.  I'm kinda glad we had to wait a while as it gave me a chance to change David's nappy and take photos of all the props and art in the room.  We did have to leave the buggy in a room as we couldn't take it due to the moving floor which was understandable.  Time passed quickly before we were ready to go into the "Doctor Who Experience".  As this was a interactive episode kinda of tour (the first bit anyway) we weren't allowed to take photos which kinda sucked as I would of loved to show everyone.  I suppose it would ruin the surprise though for visitors.  We were the first in the queue so I was even more excited!


Lego Dalek

wall art

Tickets to go in
So after the leader of our group gave us the rule talk we all went inside.  In the first section we sat down and watched a short film where we were part of the "episode". Jake quite quickly guessed that the wall that they were showing the film on would "crack" and open into the next part of the experience.  We went to the next room after the film had created a "split in time".  I can't remember what the film was called but it had lots of Doctor Who memorabilia.  It also had a screen where the current doctor (Matt Smith) was stuck inside another Pandora's Box. He went on to complain that the Daleks could of at least chosen a different colour which I found amusing.  So far David had been quite entertained and he seemed to like Doctor Who.  The next part the Tardis appeared behind a hidden wall which I found very clever as I didn't even notice that the wall beside me was infact made out of different material.  The doors opened and we stepped inside the Tardis.  Next we had to "land" it and children could use the sticks to "control" the Tardis the floors moved as we were travelling through space. David liked it but was getting a bit restless and noisy (swapping between me and Jake) so I decided to give him a dummy as I didn't want to ruin the experience for other people.

Once that Tardis had landed we had to get out quickly as Matt Smith told us to hurry up and not to try and play with the controls as we had already landed and they wouldn't worked.  I found his comments funny.  We then entered the woods with the scary angels in them.  We had to move quickly through it and was reminded not to blink.  For the next stage we had been captured by the Daleks and were about to be terminated before the Doctor once again saved us.  We then went forward and were handed 3D glasses for final part of our own Experience.  As you can imagine it was another 3D short film of how we saved the Doctor and closed the rip in space. It was all very nifty and I enjoyed it quite a lot.  I think David would of enjoyed it more if he wasn't so tired. 

We then went into the museum section where all the props, clothes and equipment were displayed.  I was really impressed as most of the stuff that was on display were originals. All the Tardis keys/sonic screwdrivers were originals except for the current one, which is obviously understandable.  All the clothing was original too!  They had so much to see I really do feel like I got my moneys worth.  They had the monsters, most of the assistants and the latest Christmas special globe.  It was good that they had a colouring table as well incase children got bored.

After we finished the Doctor Who experience we went to meet my parents in central Cardiff.  I mentioned before how I was in a walking mood so we decided to walk 2 miles to the centre.  It was a nice long walk and I took a few photos of the surrounding area on my way.  When we met up we decided to go to Pizza Hut after the parents brought some shoes in Clark (I also got Davids feet measured) of course Pizza Hut was very yummy indeed (always is) afterwards I went to go to Mothercare to get David some new shoes.  On the way I spotted a Bubble Tea place!  Yay I was so happy as bubble tea cafes are hard to come by!  Sadly Jakes drink tasted much better then mine!  I also managed to buy myself some red creepers at the bargain price of £10 (woohoo).  When we got to Mothercare they did have a 2 for 1 offer on all shoes...I was glad I guessed correctly and said not to buy any incase he starts walking and I curse it...cause next week he did!  I'll leave you with some pictures below and say bye for now.  This was a pretty long post so I will talk about Thursday another day. Bye for now xxx


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