Sunday, 16 June 2013

Reveiw | Sure Maximum protection

So not a lot of people may know that I am a product tester.  I product test and write reviews on website for companies.  A lot of people may think "oh you just get free stuff to write good reviews" when in actual fact I test the product and give an honest review.  I remember one of my first product reviews being of Tesco's new cookies and they were hard and horrible. Anyway the product I am talking about today well I don't know if I can say anything bad about it, it is that good!  Today girls I am talking about Sure new maximum protection deodorant.  I was lucky enough to be handed a full size sample by Sure themselves to review and my god I am so glad they did as I never want to use a different one again!

First thoughts

So my first thoughts were "oh great another product that promises long last freshness but doesn't".  Especially considering I had already tried the sure maximum protect spray so I wasn't going to be easily convinced.  At first I got the packet out and it came in a nice smart box and was different to some of the sticks I had seen before. This one had holes in it not looking like a glue stick thank god.  It smelt nice and refreshing though kinda like soap I guess.  I was even more spectacle about it when I found out the price!  £5!  I was thinking to myself will this really be worth it I mean £5 is ALOT of money.

The test

So anyhoo I decided to give it a go and applied the deodorant.  It felt smooth and didn't feel sticky which was good.  In all honesty I carried out the day during house work and doing some play activities with my son.  It wasn't until it got to dinner time that I realised that I hadn't needed to reapply all day!  Normally I use Nivea 48hr protect but I still have to reapply it once a day.  With this deodorant I haven't had to do that at all!  Not even when going shopping or being in stressful situations!

The conclusion

My conclusion is that even though this product is £5 it really does what it says!  If you are a person who has to reapply there deodorant through out the day then this might just be the solution you are looking for.  I would even say that you might save money! Considering even if it is £5 because you don't have to keep buying it over and over again due to reapplying.  This is so good that after a week of using this I put my other deodorant in the bin!  The only thing I would have to say negative about this product is that they could of put more of the "glue" in it as the product is transparent and shows that they did not use all the space that was available.  Apart from that I give this deodorant 10/10


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