Sunday, 14 July 2013

Event | 3Foot festival in Chelmsford

So on Tuesday me, Jake and David attended the 3foot festival in Chelmsford.  We knew this was going to be big (and fun!) as when we went to collect the tickets from the office on Saturday they were already setting up the tents in the park!  I thought they wouldn't start unpacking until Sunday as it started on Monday.  Not to mention the amount of companies that were there it was crazy!  We set off from our house a bit late as my dad (who was dropping us off) had experienced some traffic.  I hate being late even if it is to an event I hate that part about me haha.  When we did get there we were not that far from the park so I decided to hold David's hand and walk with him.  Which reminds me I really need to get him some reins soon.  We got to the ticket office and they took our tickets and asked me for a word, any word just something they could put on our wristbands.  I dunno why but I picked hope, it wasn't until on the way home that dad pointed out that my grandmas name was Hope.  Kinda weird but maybe just coincidence?

When I got in just wow!  I didn't realise how big it was going to be! They had a map it was so big and they had to split it in two sections it was crazy.  I was so excited I could hardly wait to get exploring with David.  After walking around for a bit and cringing at a tent that was playing "do-re-mi" we went inside a tent that was handing out things to make.  The options were; butterfly wand, caterpillar finger puppet and there was one more but I forget.  All the staff were dressed in fairy outfits and the stools that kids could sit on were made to look like toadstools so it kept a constant theme.  Me and Jake chose to make a finger puppet for David so we could tickle him with it.

Next up we went to visit the Marsh Farm tent.  I do live right near Marsh Farm but heck this was free haha.  Last time David saw Marsh Farm animals at the children Centre and well he kinda slapped the rabbit.  I seriously think he must of given that rabbit nightmares.  To my surprise though he was actually gentle yay!  No more giving animals nightmares.  They had chickens and goats there quite good considering it was in a tent and all.

There was so much going on so I wasn't going to stop until it was lunch time,  I went to the next tent which was doing handimals.  Now I was quite worried about David eating it (even with safe paint you shouldn't eat it really it will make them ill haha) but to my surprise the woman who helped us was actually really good.  She was gentle with David's hand and David didn't make a fuss.  I picked a Elephant for his hand as it was one colour so no fuss haha.  The woman kindly did two as David's hands are so small bless.

We left them to dry and agreed to collect it later.  Next we explored a big open area and it had a giant sandpit!  We went over to it and to my surprise David only ate two hands fulls.  I still don't understand why he eats sand even after he knows it is painful.  It had lots of fun and started to even dig!  He is becoming so smart it's kinda scary. I loved the outfit David was wearing it was perfect for this activity.

I Noticed behind me that there was a soft play area and it was only 15 minutes until the next session. So with 5 minutes to go we got out of the sand and brushed little mans feet off (are own too as we had to run after him sometimes).  He loved the soft play are and even made a friend they played peek a boo in this soft house they had.  I'm so glad that David is sociable with other children I'm quite lucky as not most toddlers are.  I think what has helped is the fact I have taken him to our local children centre since 3 months.  After the session in the soft play area was up we decided it was time to have something to eat.  Now 3foot was a big event it was no where near small but the amount of seating they had I was disappointed.  they did have small chairs however and David did sit in it nicely....only he did not stay there he was way to excited.

I was quite shocked at the amount of people who did not pack lunches. I thought it would of been the main idea to do for such a big event. Like you don't want to keep your little ones waiting for food.  Whilst we were eating I saw a balloon man.  Straight after we had finished I walked over, David loves balloons and just 'cause David is only 13 months I didn't want him missing out.  The guy was really nice and handed out business cards for birthday parties.  As much as I like Balloons I'd rather try and work it out for myself as I can see it being reallly expensive.

After we got David a little mouse balloon (which he loved!) we went and picked up his handimal!  I was so impressed and I love it!  I couldn't wait to take it home as I wanted to frame it!  Yes I love it that much haha.  After that I decided to explore the other half of the festival.  There was a boat ride and awww man I wanted to go on it so bad but David had to be over 10kg and I wasn't sure if he was or not so I didn't want to risk it.  I really hope it is there again next year it looked so much fun and for free!  Me and Jake then got talked to by this girl saying how there was a show going on in Tent 1 I was about to go there anyway but I was lucky enough to be on time for a music workshop.  I must say the guy was brilliant and so were the crew!  We all danced to music man but sadly David was tired so wasn't really in the mood for dancing but we still had a fun time.

Next we went to the pirate area.  It was a great place to just sit down and relax for 5 minutes.  They had lots of cushions in a tent and books which kept David entertained as he loves his books and reading.  David wasn't old enough to get involved with the arts and crafts they had going on but it was fun watching.  The girl adult pirate was so good with the children and once someone had completed there craft she would get the megaphone and shout at people and tell them to stop what they were doing.  She encouraged everyone to cheer and celebrate that the kids had joined her "crew" which I thought was fantastic and really helped the kids with there imagination.

Next up I walked towards the science tent and there were loads of arts and crafts tents.  I love arts and crafts with my little man as it means I get to take stuff that he has made home.  Another reason why I can't wait until David is in pre-school.  I won't bore you with too much detail but we made with David a certificate.  we drew around his hand and then I glued wool around it to make it stand out more.  We got it laminated which is great as all mums know how messy a toddler is and if they grab it they will tear it haha.

Next up we went into the science tent.  It was really clever how they were mixing colours and teaching the children about prime colours.  I didn't stay too long though as little man was getting restless.  I managed to pick up a leaflet though and they do parties which I think is fantastic and I would of loved that when I was little as I LOVEEE science.  There website can be found here if anyone is interested Mad science .  After we left the science club we went into our final tent of the day which had clay you could make with (David was more interested in eating it) and paint the children can walk in and brooms they could play with in the paint.  I was a bit silly and let David in the pool of paint and it was rather slippery so he ended up on his paint on his bum...oh dear haha but oh well I wasn't bothered that much it's only paint and he was there to have fun and he did.

 The last bit we went to was a painting show and it was so much fun.  I couldn't film all of it as I ran out of memory but I will post it on Youtube for you guys to watch.  We all had lots of fun and I really hope they have it again next year!  For £15 I think we defo got our moneys worth! Not sure what my next blog will be about but I have got my pampers review coming up so watch this space.


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