Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Review | Pampers pull ups

So I was given the chance to test and review Pampers easy up nappies.  I am really happy that I got a free packet and have been given the chance to review them as I am potty training David at the moment.  However I'm not going to lie and I feel a bit guilty as I have already used pull up nappies by Pampers...infact David has been in them for a good while now. My overall impression of Pampers Easy Up pants is good. I think they are quite strong and easy to put on. Not only this but I feel like it really goes well with potty training especially if you want to introduce your toddler early on. I used Pampers Easy Up pants when David (my son) was just 10 months. He wasn't walking but his crawling speed was immense and we decided that the easy up pants were best.

We have been using them for a while now and find it hard to fault them. He is now 14 months and when we pull them down (we used to just rip the sides) he lifts up his feet either side to get out of the nappy. Although he has taken his nappy off whilst in the cot I believe it won't be long until he starts telling us his nappy is full or even takes them down himself. The only thing I would say is that I wouldn't use the easy up pants for night time. Although it's only happened once I did get an explosive nappy one morning and it was horrible to clean up. Another thing that the easy up pants by Pampers offer is the tape on the nappy to use to fold away when disposing of the nappy. Although I did not know what this was used for until recently as it is not made clear. I will indeed be using these nappies up until David is clean as I am so happy with them.

They are indeed easy to use and I find them easy to put on. They were hard at first as David would wiggle around just like any normal baby. He wiggles when you put on trousers as well. However he has since stopped being so wiggling and actually I would say that perhaps the pants have taught him not to wiggle around when putting on pants or trousers.  I have never used any other pull ups by other companies but this is because David has always used Pampers. We tried other brands when he was younger but Pampers were the best for this little man's bum! I would heavily recommend them to parents whos' little ones were walking or crawling fast and if they were starting to potty train their little one early.  Sometimes they can be good value and sometimes I don't think they can be. I think sometimes they are good value because I believe the quality is excellent however I do sometimes find myself running out of money as sometimes I do need to buy a lot as we run out quickly. I prefer to buy the packet with the most nappies in so they last longer.

I hope you liked my review and look out for my next blog for Next Fashion about the recent trend printed tops :D.


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