Saturday, 14 December 2013

My London trip with friends

 Westfield Grotto and Christmas Shopping.

Hi everyone! First off I want to apologise for this post being so late.  I didn't have internet so was relying on other peoples internet but great news, I now have my own!  So what I wanted to talk to you about is what I was doing last week.  I went to London to Westfields with my best friend Clare and her adorable daughter Hollie.  Now sadly I don't have any pictures as I left my camera at my boyfriends mums house. Also I was feeling really poorly as the few days prior I had a bad fever.  However I wasn't going to let that stop me!  Oh hell no!

We got to London at about midday, I'm so glad we did as I felt far more comfortable and relaxed, though on the way there I nearly was sick.  When we got there we were all starving, so we decided to head to the food court for something to eat. Clare and her sister got Pizza and me and Matt had ramen (though I didn't get to finish all mine :( ) Then Hollie and David both shared a kids savoly and chips.  I got them a kids meal to share as I feel now a days kids meals are really big.  When we ordered our food we got a black device that would flash and beep to tell us when it was ready.  I thought this was pretty cool as it gave people a chance to find some seating if they didn't already.  That and it meant you didn't have to stand around and could get on with other stuff or just simply chat amongst your friends.

After we finished we had a quick toilet break then it was off to find the grotto.  I kinda knew where it was but was really shocked and surprised there were no signs outside or inside the shopping centre. I would of thought that they would of at least put some sort of signing to help people. I mean it only takes a few removable stickers right?  When we got there we were actually half an hour early as I thought it started at 2pm but infact it didn't start until 2:35pm.  It got worse though, it actually turns out that the tickets I ordered were for the Sheppard's Bush Grotto. I was absolutely devastated, not due to the fact me, Matt or David couldn't go but more so due to the fact Clare and Hollie couldn't go as Hollie had never been to see Santa before and this was my treat to them.  However the staff were VERY friendly and kind and said that if not everyone turned up then we could go in.  As it turned out 3 people didn't turn up.  I asked my friend Clare if she minded taking David with her and Hollie and thankfully she didn't mind. Though I felt guilty afterwards as Hollie and David broke her arms as they did not want to be put down lol.  After they had their pictures taken with Santa I went in and brought a singular photo.  The photo of David wasn't that good as like an idiot I didn't take David's coat off before he went in.  Oh well he already has a photo with the Basildon grotto :).

Afterwards we shopped around and I got David his own personalised stocking with his name on it.  I love it and am very happy with it....though I might have to get a bigger one when he is older haha.  When we were done we headed to the o2 Arena to go see the coca cola truck. When we arrived there were a lot of people there and then I realised it was the Jingle Bell Ball tonight.  I was quite shocked though at the amount of young people there were. I didn't go to my first concert until I was 15.  What made it worse though was the way some of the girls were dressed as if this was a place to hook up.  There was a girl that seemed to be 13 years of age and the dress she had on...well lets just say she would of made less of an impression if she turned up naked (and she might as well of).  Anyway back to the truck.  The truck was very pretty but there was a queue to get your photo taken, a very long one at that.  I wasn't going to waste my time queuing for hours just for one photo when it was cold outside.

So there were a few mishaps during the day but all in all I had a very good time because I spent it with my best friend, her daughter and her sister.  On the way home David opened up his present from the grotto and it was a lovely book.  I am never disappointed with the books they give out. Next year I am going to the grotto again (without making the mistake lol) and I am taking David to Hamleys so for the first time he can pick out his own present.  Though I won't be letting him have it until Christmas Day.  Why bother buying presents for Christmas if they aren't going to open them on Christmas Day.

Until next time.  I don't know what I will blog about as this was late so if you have any suggestions please comment below and if you don't already follow me on blog lovin (the link is with my social buttons)

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