Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year goals and aims.

My goals and aims for this year


So basically I've seen this done a lot and my friend even put hers on twitter so I decided to make mine into a blog post.  I always plan ahead like I'm one of those girls that already knows what I want for my wedding if I ever get like seriously from the dress to the cake to the reception table decor....I've done it all. I dunno why I just can't help but plan it's something about bring a virgo I can't help myself.  I think if I wasn't such a perfectionist and I can't help but voice my opinion I would be a good wedding planner.  Anyway onto the goals, below I've listed what I aim to do in the new year like what my plans are I suppose.  Yes I could say I want to lose weight in the new year blah blah blah....but what are the chances of that happening? So here we go :)

  1. Launch my beauty blog
  2. Paint David's bedroom and make a start on buying a few bits
  3. Hope it snows and have fun in it!
  1. Have a good valentines day with my boyfriend
  2. Buy David's pirate themed wardrobe/chest of draws set
  3. finish David's room
  1. Start buying David's presents for his birthday
  2. clean up the garden!
  3. Start putting money aside for a corner sofa so there's loads more room for David to play!
  1. Plan a day out with David (I say plan as I don't have a car atm)
  2. Have a great Easter with David nomming on chocolate and decorating stoff (stoff not stuff)
  3. Look into starting a beauty course
  1. Buy all the bits for David's birthday
  2. Make David's cake the day before and in the morning
  3. Make David's 2nd birthday the best birthday he could ever have!
  4. Sign David up for Pre-school
  1. Get a job for the times when David is at his dads and at pre-school
  2. Get organising my 25th birthday to Alton Towers...(urgh old!)
  3. Organise a day out to the science museum with David
  1. Cosplay Cruise?
  2. Keep saving money for birthday and events with David
  3. Have lots of fun at beaches!
  1. Hopefully book my birthday at Alton Towers for September
  2. Decide if I want to go to Euro Gamer or October MCM Expo (all depends where my friends are going to be, probably will only go for one day, won't be cosplaying)
  1. Have a fantastic 25th birthday with my friends even if Alton Towers ends up going...well tits up.
  2. Go to Euro Gamer if I decide not to go to October MCM Expo
  3. Have a summer garden party
  1.  Go to MCM October MCM Expo if I don't go Euro Gamer if I can afford it
  2. Have a fantastic Halloween! Maybe have a party?
  1. Start buying Christmas presents!
  2. Go to Winter wonderland
  1. Put the tree up!
  2. Take David to Hamleys to pick his own toy
  3. Take David to meet Santa
  4. Have a great Christmas and new year then start this all over again in 2015!
So there you have it all my goals but the most important one is to HAVE FUN all year round of course.  I'm sure there will be bumps along the way and money will probably be a big problem but hey I'll try my best.  I hope you all have a wonderful new year and dream big people!

Love Rachel


  1. Wow that's quite a list! Hope you achieve it all. My son has a pirate room too, he loves it :-)

  2. thank you ha ha, tbh I've probably done this so I can remind myself haha and also I plan well ahead it's ridiculous -_-. That is awesome! :D do you have any pictures I'd love to see what it looks like :D.

  3. That is very organised. I'd be inclined to move the Hamleys trip because I hate crowded places and it was too much for me on the 1st December. Hope you have a great year.

    1. Yeah I'll probably move it to November thinking about it :). Thanks for the tip :D

  4. Wow! You are organised and what a great list! I hope that you have a fab year and btw, 25 is not old!! I'm 33 lol!

    1. haha thank you I'm a virgo so I kinda have no choice ha ha. Sorry >.< just after 25 it's just like no special birthdays....I'll just pretend it's my 18th each year ;D. lol.

  5. That is an very organised list! Heres to 2014

    1. Thank you very much :). Hope you have a great new year! :D

  6. What a lovely list, busy, but seems doable once broken down into monthly chunks x

    1. I doubt I'll do all of it but it's better to dream big and do some then dream small and miss out on stuff you could of done :D.

  7. This is such a great idea! I need to make one of these!

    1. I think it's a good idea :D and hey if I forget I can come back to it to remind myself ha ha XD.

  8. Great list. I liked how you put them in set months. It makes things look a little more achievable :) xxx

    1. thank you very much ^_^. I just got the paint delivered for my sons room so it's a start :D.