Monday, 6 January 2014

What David got for Christmas

So everyone has been doing posts about what they got for Christmas.  I wanted to do something different considering this is my parental blog.  So instead I decided to blog about what David for Christmas.  Now don't get me wrong I'm not doing this to show off.  I'm just doing this for fun but hopefully if your little ones birthday is soon I can give you some ideas.

The first thing I brought for David was his kitchen.  I know it may seem a little young but he is so good with his imagination.  He first started "cooking food" when me and his father took him to the children centre not long after he turned one.


To go with the kitchen I got him some play food from Asda.  I didn't think that there was much in there.  I was mistaken and I realised this once David had tipped it all out on the floor...which I don't mind as he enjoys it.

I think David was trying to clean up his food and megablocks bless

This is David's Christmas outfit.  He got it from my boyfriends mum and nan.  He looked so cute and daper in it.  I can't help but dress him smart on Christmas we've always done it in our family. I sadly wasn't able to get him one though as everywhere sold out.  However luckily I have people who think like minded and they phoned me up the very day I was trying to find one asking David's size how lucky is that!

Another present he received was this cute but HUGE Christmas themed mug.  I know it's huge 'cause I couldn't resist using it for a cheeky hot chocolate yes I feel bad but now I'm even more jealous and want one for myself ha ha.  I put the sweets in his sweet tub that I have for him in the fridge as he only has sweets when he good (which is most of the time anyway)

I love this book and I'm so glad David was given it.  It has pockets on every other page and has material inside to match what it says in the book.  In the back is a pop-up section but I won't spoil it for you ;).

This is David's easel board I got him.  I got long lasting presents so he can grow with them.  They cost quite a bit but I managed to save in the Black Friday sale so win!  he loves this as you can see from the markings (ignoring the numbers and smiley face person me and my bf made ha ha)

 I got this for a bargain at only £45!  I know he's a bit to young for it but my god I couldn't pass up this offer look how many pieces there are! Not only does it have a train track but also roads with buses AND trains that go along automatically.  Not only that but you can have boats too so he's going to get ALOT out of this.

 My parents got David this as they couldn't get him the piano I suggested due to stuff I'm not going to go into on here.  I'm glad they got it though as I was planning to add blocks to his alpha blocks collection...he loves tipping them all out of the box just like his
David recently has had a love of all things cleaning.  Give him a baby wipe and he'll go clean a side (even if it's spotless) he's spilt something give him a towel he'll mop it up.  However give him a adult sized broom and he'll accidentaly hit you on the head with it...or so my sister found out which then knocked the idea into her head to buy him a broom (I made a pun yay!)

So this is the last of the presents I got David. the Aqua Doodle.  Now if you haven't heard about an Aqua Doodle then let me tell you this is going to be your new best friend and your little ones best friend if they get paint everywhere.  Also if they love water.  Not only does it draw without paint but the way it works all you need is water which means this is great for summer.  they can put there hands or feet in a container full of water and do loads of prints.  Not only feet and hands but try experimenting with textures like cars and shoe prints!

Well this is all of the presents David got I hope it gave you some ideas if your stuck for any birthdays coming up.  If you have any similar posts I'd love to see them.  Until next time.

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