Monday, 13 January 2014

Review | Where has Polly gone?

Where has Polly Gone? A book promoting awareness of ADD/ADHD 


Where has Polly gone (not to be confused with where has all the rum gone ha ha) is a beautiful children's book.  This delightful read is aimed at children and promotes awareness of ADD/ADHD. 

Whilst reading this book I loved the illustrations and thought they were brilliant.  The pictures on their own tell a story which is great for children. As well as 3 other factors.

1.  Children can count and recognise shapes in the illustrations
2.  There are polygons on every page above the text, kind of used like page numbers.  so children can name the polygons and also count the sides each one has.

3.  This one I was not expecting but Geography.  Towards the end of the story Netta (the main character) explores the world.  You can spot out different countries and there monuments.

The story is easily broken up for children which makes reading easy to digest. I know this as I find it hard to read myself.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE books but I can never read them with ease.  I have no idea why but when I get to the end of a page I fall asleep.  Yes even if I'm enjoying it.  I for one would love to see this book in library's AND in schools.  I think it's very important that children learn about the difficulties some people have with life that some people take for granted.

So all in all a great book!

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