Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Essex Urban Games: Burnham Version.

So the Saturday just gone (not to be confused with the Saturday before that, which was Ship of Dreams), me and Jake went to Burnham for the day.  Burnham not long ago had there Skate park re-vamped and for the better!  To celebrate this the council organised an event for the day called SX Urban Games.  There were lots of entertainment throughout the day; Free running, Skate competition and Cheerleaders!  The weather was nice and sunny with no rain so there was no interruptions which was good.  There were loads of people at the Skate Park it was packed! It was a good thing though, like to see so many people down there, though don't get me wrong it was nice.  I didn't really know what to wear at first but I was feeling in the mood for a fishnet top but I lost mine a while back.  So instead I wore my ann summers dress over the top of my casual top and rolled it up.  I think it looks pretty good but here is a picture.


The Outfit

Hat - Ebay
Strap top - Primark
lace over top - Ann Summers
Jeans - Primark
Studded shoes - George (Asda)

When we first got down there the free runners were just finishing setting up as well as practising.  I love free running I think it's pretty cool I just wish I could do it ha ha.  There was a DJ in a van, as I like to call it, and it was pretty awesome.  I'm not going to lie I did have a bit of a sing along to some of the songs. After a bit we got hungry so we popped to the local Tesco.  All the sandwiches were reduced..hell yeah! When we got back we munched on our food and waited for he cheerleaders to start.  I was a bit gutted 'cause I missed Doge-ball and I'm a pro at dodging this ha ha.

David wanted to swap lunches with his dad.
We didn't have to wait for long until the cheerleaders showed up.  All the boys were straight away interested ha ha.  David certainly was, he started getting tired and very difficult. I said to Jake "you just wait as soon as the cheerleaders start there show he will be silent.  Was I right? Of course I was ha ha. I took a few photos of the cheerleaders so I found them on Facebook.  I wasn't that impressed as most of there photos on Facebook looked like they should be on top of cars.  Not really appropriate if you ask me but each to there own. The first performance was okay but nothing to get excited about but the second one (when we came back from dropping David off) was much better.

The Cheerleaders
Not long after they had a guy that preformed some beat boxing and wow! It was amazing I thought to myself that he must of been getting help from the DJ but he wasn't none at all!  I filmed the whole thing so I will edit that later and put it on my Youtube.  Next was the Skate competition. Our friend Tom got through to the finals, it was funny 'cause he only entered so he could skate without so many people getting in the way. Before the actual skate boards first it was the finals of the scooters and there were some pretty impressive stuff for scooters, one guy even did a flip! The BMX round was next and well it was pretty boring, all they did was ride up and down on the ramps. At last was the skating final, there were so many that got through but there were so good footwork and Tom's brother Ryan grinded a few times with his Rollerblades.  I can imagine that being hard so I was impressed. After it has finished we were treated to some pro scooters and they did some amazing tricks!

the scooter flip
Finally was the free running event, I knew this was going to be good and very fast so instead of pictures I decided to take a video and I'm so glad I did 'cause I was right. It was all very impressive and I love free running so I enjoyed it free much. I will be editing the video later on in the week so it will be on my Youtube account soon.  You can find a link to my Youtube account in the "Follow me" section.  I have way more to talk about so a new blog will be posted on here in the next couple of days.  Until then byes ♥


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