Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentines activity week

Hi there everyone,  So last Friday was Valentines day.  I hope you all had a wonderful day, I myself love Valentines day as I think it's a day that people who have busy lives can concentrate on just themselves.  I wanted to share this week with my son doing valentine activities. The first thing we did was Actually the Saturday before the week had started.  But to be fair between Sunday and Tuesday he is at his father.  So you could say I was making up for lost time.

Valentine Chocolates

So I've now subscribed to this magazine called Something Sweet.  I don't normally subscribe to magazines as my mother made the great mistake of doing that when I was young and it was a lesson well learnt.  However I couldn't help but subscribe to this magazine as it was such a great bargain at only £2.99 per issue.  Anyway, in the first issue I got I received some heart molds which was perfect timing.  (it also came with a box and some gold foil you could wrap them in, how cute!)

So first things first I melted the chocolate away from David.  As the hob was on I didn't want to risk David getting hurt, which is why I have a stairgate on my kitchen.  After I melted the chocolate I brang it over to the counter and got the mold ready.  This was when David joined in,  I was a bit worried that he would just eat the chocolate from the bowl,  however my son did me proud and actually wanted to help!

So you can see why they were a bit messy but no problem as I scraped the remains off.  I did this with David before bed so that in the morning they would be set and he could have them the next day as a treat.  I remember getting them out was a pain as I had to rinse my hands with cold water several times to get them out. but this was the finished product and I can safely say David enjoyed at least one :).

Making the card

So the next thing me and David did was make Matthews card. I wanted David to be a part of this as he loves Matthew too and it shouldn't just be about me and Matthew souly. I started off by making his foot prints into a V shape.  Though when i painted his feet he got all ticklish so it was a bit wonky ha ha

Instead of having just white card inside I decided to cut out some red card to glue in place.  I was a bit unsure if I should let David try and glue it at first, but I thought I should give him the benefit of the doubt.  I showed him first and he indeed did copy.  After we did that I try showing him how to glue heart felts on but he wasn't really feeling it.  Probably because they were quite small.

Heart Biscuits (well most of them)

So I got talking to the lovely Rachel (snap!) over at Activites 4 kidz , about doing themed weekly activities with our children.  Her blog is brilliant but I haven't had much time to read blogs recently (you believe how much I am behind on!) I decided to have a quick nose and saw a brilliant biscuit recipe, it reminded me of how I used to make them with my mum.  I thought it would be the perfect excuse to do some more baking with David and try out our new shape cutters that I had brought a while ago.  Considering he was good with chocolate I let David join in straight away.  I asked him nicely to wait while I put the flour in and we talked about measurements and numbers.  Surprisingly yet again he wanted to help, this time to put the butter in.  So I started cutting the butter up for him (with a spoon just incase) and he placed in the bowl.  Soon enough HE wanted to do that too.

Not a very good picture but you get the idea
 Next it was time to turn the butter and flour into bread crumbs.  David was trying to make hand prints bless him.  I think he thought it was salt dough or something.  Let me tell you it was very hard to get a picture and it took a long time to turn it into the "bread crumbs".  David kept pushing my hands out as he wanted the bowl all to himself! Ha ha, he is so independent now it's getting quite scary.

Next thing on our list was to roll out the dough.  David soon wan't to join in so after we had cut out a few I let him roll some.  He was quite good at it rolling it back on forth, however slightly put too much pressure on the roller ha ha.  Still A for effort.  I didn't get any pictures of us actually cutting them out, but I got the finished product which is pretty much the same thing.  You can probably tell what heart David did all on his own without mummies help.  They were really yummy David kept going back for more the cheeky monkey.  He did share a biscuit with me bless him, I didn't even ask, he's getting so much better with his sharing which I'm proud of.

oh my look at all that flour

Valentine sensory and craft

So I made this little sensory box a while back, but kept it hidden from David until Valentines day.  In it I put fake rose petals, cut out hearts from felt, pink and red ribbon, toilet roll tube that I painted red and then made into heart shapes.  I was going to add some red rice on the day but during the day I noticed David was yet again trying to eat again which is a common sign of him teething.  I decided to opt out due to this reason. I gave the sensory box to David and he seemed quite interested at first.  That soon ended with him throwing everything about. I didn't mind so much but he was becoming violent with it in his actions, it wasn't playful throwing if that makes sense?  So it didn't last very long. 

After playing for a while and David going down for a nap I thought he might wake up in a better mood.  I decided to set up in his high chair some crafting bits.  I cut out a heart from the cardboard box that his new carseat came in, after all it was massive and I'm all for recycling.  I then put his sensory box on the high chair table along with some pink finger paint and glue.  I joined in with him hoping to give him some encouragement and for a while it worked.  I painted whilst David decided what to glue down.  It wasn't long though until he started throwing things again so I took it off him to let it dry and but it on the windowsill along with the other decorations for V-day I had.

So there you have it, all the activities we did during Valentines week.  Gosh it's a long one but I hope it was worth it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.  Please comment and let me know what you think.  Did you do anything with your child for Valentines?  Until next week my fellow fluffy clouds, big hugs from me x


  1. It all looks brilliant, love the chocs! Thank you for linking me :)

  2. Thanks ever so much. No problem at all, I will be looking at your blog regularly (well trying to, damn busy life)