Monday, 24 February 2014

Review | McCain ready baked jackets

Hello everyone.  So today I'm going to be talking to you about these bad boys.  That's right McCains new microwavable jackets!  I'm not going to lie I was a bit unconvinced at first.  I mean I've had microwaved meals in the past and they are never as good as the real thing.  With these my first thoughts were that the potato was going to be dry and not very satisfying.  Was that true? Well let's find out.

So I popped these in the microwave for the suggested time it had on the back of the box which was for about 5 minutes.  Longer if I re-call if you were doing more than one potato.  I decided to cook one each for me and David for dinner that night.  Obviously this was a big dinner for David so no surprise he didn't each much of it.  He still enjoyed it though but he left about 3/4.  I'm not surprised though as these were quite filling and normally I eat a whole jacket no problem.  

Obviously the skin wasn't crispy cooking them via the microwave BUT you also have the option of cooking them in the oven if you wish.  To my delight these jackets were not more dry as any other normal potato I would of cooked from scratch.  I always add butter before I add my topping anyway, but I was expecting to add more then usual but I didn't have to which was nice.

The only bad thing I would say though is I had to bung them back in the microwave for a few minutes longer as they got quite cold quickly.  Maybe it's because they were done in the microwave?  I've never had that problem when baking potatoes in the oven.  I think these jackets are a good source of healthy eating in just minutes if your running late on dinner for your family if say you've been out for the day.  Or if your a student these would be a good thing to buy having one per night.  They are on sale at Asda for £2.50 for 4, Which is about 62p per jacket.  There is however the Asda own range which is basically the same (though I have not tried these) for just £2 which sets it at 50p per jacket.  Still quite expensive so I would wait until they went on offer. 

Obviously there is always buying potatoes and baking them from scratch but like I said previously these are good when you're short on time.  When putting all the factors together I'd give this a rating of 3.5/5.  There good quality potatoes and a healthy way of filling your tummy.  They are also a great quick meal for four BUT the price is quite expensive and they got cold quickly.  I hope you enjoyed my review and found it useful,  until next week folks!

What is your favourite jacket filling?


  1. I love the classic baked beans and cheese.Great review! These look like a quick alternative to oven baked potatoes.xx