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#morrisonsmum | Recent favourite recipes | sweet treats and a light summer family meal

Hello everybody!  So remember when I was chosen to be a #morrisonsmum?  I still do, it's pretty much been the blogger highlight of my year so far!  Well this time we've been asked to post some of our family favourite recipes.  I'm not going to lie I'm not much of a original cook.  I only have a fair few recipes I've made up myself.  It's been easier though this month to come up with some ideas since I've joined weight watchers.  Below are just a fair few of my favourites that I've managed to come up with for lunch time or just some easy going snacks.  Please do comment if you try any of these I'd LOVE to hear back from you or even see some pictures!

You may notice the "I'm Cheaper!" text.  This is due to the fact they are items that are now cheaper at Morrisons.  Great news there staying cheaper!  To find out what other items have been reduced you can use their handy price checker here

Chicken salad wrap (no mayo!)

This is pretty much one of my favourite lunch time meals now.  I surprised myself at just how nice a chicken salad wrap could taste with out the use of mayonnaise!

Plain ready to eat chicken pieces
1 tablespoon  of Quark
Lemon juice
Fresh cut basil
1 tortilla

So this is pretty simple to make.  In a small bowl mix together the quark, lemon juice (as much as you desire) and some basil leaves.  Once mixed spoon the mixture onto a flat tortilla.  Add the chicken pieces, roll and it's ready to eat! Easy right?  

[picture to come when I make it next ha ha]

Sorry bad picture
Mince and bacon pasta mix (Light Summer Family Meals)

Morrisons British Minced Steak Lean (I'm cheaper!)
Morrisons Passata Sieved Tomatoes (I'm cheaper!)
Morrisons unsmoked British Back Bacon rashes (I'm cheaper!)
Closed cupped mushrooms (I'm cheaper!)
Any other vegetables you need to use up like peppers or sweetcorn etc.
Wholewheat Pasta

First things first you'll want to cut the pasta in to bite sized pieces.  Once this is done start boiling your pasta.  Next heat up your frying pan and cook the mince and bacon.  Once cooked add the vegetables and then the passata.  Give it a nice stir and let it bubble away.  By this time the pasta should be cooked and you can drain it.  Now it's up to you what you do next.  Either put the pasta back in the saucepan and then stir in the saucy mixture.  Or you can divide your pasta into bowls and pour the sauce on top.  Feel free to add some low fat cheese on top.

Homemade Frappucinno (Sweet Treats)

1 tablespoon Morrisons Gold coffee (I'm cheaper!)
Skimmed milk
Ice (optional)
Double cream (I'm cheaper!)

Ever wanted the lush Starbucks frappaucinno but in your very own house?  Well now you can!  First pour the milk you want in your cup to measure it.  If your adding ice don't fill it to the top.  You'll want it about half way to make room.  Add the skimmed milk to your food processor, along with the coffee, ice and sugar if you wish.  Start to blend, whilst that is blending whisk the double cream in a separate bowl.  You can use squirty cream if your in even more of a rush but homemade tastes better in my opinion.  After it's turned into cream stop the food processor.  pour the coffee mixture into the glass and top with the cream you made.

Want an even tastier version?  Add chocolate sauce on top or even crumble some oreos, nom!

[picture to come tomorrow when I have the points to drink it mmmm nom!]

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