Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Review | Febreze Sleep Serenity Moonlit Lavender

Hi everyone, so this is 1/3 reviews for Febreze's new Sleep serenity range.  Today I am reviewing the scent Moonlit Lavender.  I did get all 3 sent to me by Savvy circle to test and review but like I said reviewing just the one today.

I was really glad to be chosen to test and review this new range from Febreze as my mind thinks none stop at night.  So I was hoping this would at least calm my brain down so I could get to bed quicker.  Oddly enough since I got this I've been having some trouble with David dropping off to sleep too.  So this was the perfect week to test it!

Sadly it's bad news. For the Moonlit Lavender at least.  I started off by spraying it on my curtains and bed sheets. I then laid down with my partner as we cuddled for a bit.  After that I rolled over to try and get to sleep.  Oddly enough instead of it sending me to sleep and stop me from thinking so much it did the opposite.  It made me MORE awake, it seemed to have the same effect for my son too.  I honestly don't know why this happened.  Maybe their was something in there that didn't agree with me.

Another thing that me and my friend noticed whilst I took the above photos, was that there no child lock.  Basically we found out after my toddler ran off with one and sprayed the flowers.  Luckily he didn't spray himself in the eyes as this could of turned into a nasty accident.  Obviously your not supposed to leave these in site of children anyway.  However you know what a toddler is like, you can put them in the safest place, thinking to yourself "the'll never reach this".  Then BAM! They manage to get hold of it!  So it would be good if these had a child lock on them.

Well that's it for this review, I will be testing the other scents out though.  I will probably do the other 2 scents in one post though so keep an eye out! Until next time.


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