Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review | Animal Actually Game App

Hi everyone, so I've been wanting to get more into the toy side of things ready for Christmas I suppose and by my luck a few toy companies contacted me yay! So in the next few weeks or so I should be able to bring you some more fun filled stuffed.  I begin this new side of my blog with the Animal Actually Game.  This is an App that you can download on your iphone or Google Platform phone (aka Samsung or HTC).  I first installed this on my partners Samsung but found it difficult to find.  So much so I had to ask for a link which was beyond odd as when I brought my new Apple phone (yes I've turned to the dark side), I found it straight away in the App Store.

I would say this game is probably aimed at 4+, though obviously depending on your child they could play it a lot earlier. The graphics are okay for children but from an adult gamer point of view they are something to be desired.  The controls are fairly easy, David was able to move the characters with ease using just his fingers.  They have a an "invisible" analog stick to move yourself around.  Basically it will (or should) pop up anywhere on the screen when moving your finger in the direction you wish to move.

One of the funny sides to this game is that the main character seems to pass wind, David didn't really notice (unlike in real life where he laughs about it), but I'm sure most kids who realised would have a good giggle about it.  The games involves quests to help your friends out.  When you complete quests you earn Karma which all goes towards leveling you up and unlocking new quests.  The game is free to download but to unlock all the sections within the game you will need to pay a one off fee.

This game is out to try and teach your child the basics of what every parent wants their child to do.  Love their veg, and how being nice can feel nice.  It tries to teach this through the quests it sets.  Although it's just a game I'm always for promoting healthy eating and kindness.  Not enough is around in today's society which is sad.

That's about it for this review.   I should be back tomorrow with another hopefully until then, bye!


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