Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My Teddy Bear Story

Hi everyone, a few weeks back the guys over at British Teddies asked bloggers if they could share their first teddy bear experiences. I jumped at the chance because it's actually on of the first memories I have. I don't remember much of the first bear I ever had only that it was a bunny bear.  I've always liked bunny bears I think their totally adorable.

Ironically what I do remember is actually the day I lost it.  I was 3 years old and me and my parents went to Calcton-On-Sea.  We were having a fantastic time (well I assumed we were).  I rode on a little train.  It was very cool actually even had it's own little tunnel despite being quite short.  I wanted teddy to come with me.  Of course all children must bring their companions with them where ever they go.  The train journey was great and my parents even took a photo.  I tried to get them to look for the photo but it seems they couldn't find it.

Anyway as you can image I got off and we headed home.  Sadly I went home alone, I had left my companion on the train.  It was indeed dark times for me only being 3 and I betrayed my teddy and left it behind. In a way I hope it went to a good home it found another little girl or boy to play with and make happy.  It's not a very long story but it's the first memory I actually ever have of myself so it's dear to me.

David's really lucky and doesn't just have 1 first teddy he has loads.  For this reason I'll be making sure with my next child no one buys a teddy but me ha ha.  Sorry there are no photos for this post if I ever find the picture of me on the train I'll make sure to add it.  Until next time.


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