Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Tetley Tea review and Food pairings

So unlike a lot of Brits I am not a huge tea drinker.  I do however LOVE Green Tea.  Their are so many health benefits to Green Tea it's unreal.  A cuppa in the morning after a hot lemon drink is sure to get you going in the morning.  With that being said I don't actually know much about tea.  Well did you know just like wine, tea can be matched alongside food to refresh your palette?  I've selected just a few but you can find more here.

Green Tea

Well come on you all knew that was coming.  It's my favourite tea after all!  For this fresh herbal tea Tetley recommends health conscious dishes like salads and fresh fruit.  You know those healthy lunches we all dream to pack and are jealous of our work colleagues when they bring out their amazing packed lunch.  Yep those.  I couldn't agree more.  I love having some Green Tea along side some fruit or my most often breakfast muesli.  They do however also state that it can be eaten alongside a cheeky bowl of ice-cream though I prefer Sorbet.

Cranberry Tea

Cranberry is most known for having a sharp but cut clean taste.  Due to this it makes sense to pair it alongside strong fruit flavours such as museli topped with yoghurt or pineapple.  

Earl Grey Tea

Ah the good old Earl Grey Tea.  You could call him Mr Grey maybe not.  Anyway this is a classic.  So have been eating it with the wrong foods?  Let me guess you think of Earl Grey and think naughty delicious cream cakes.  Well stop right there my friend.  As Early Grey provides the palette with citrus, floral and bergamot flavours, it is then best suited with more light but sweet subtle foods.  These can be foods like Strawberries or a lemon and poppy seed muffin (very posh!).


So Tetley was kind enough to send me not 1, not 2 but 3! samples of their new green tea range (probably because I boosted how much I love green tea....I can't help it it's the only tea I'll drink).  The first one I used all up (opps) was the Raspberry and Pomegrante Green Tea the second one as you'll see below is the Peach and Apricot Green Tea.  Both were new for my tea palette as I'd never before drank fruit teas of any kind.  I found them to be great to drink in the morning as they would wake me up.  I also found them particularly handy to drink when I had a sweet tooth.  It would get rid of that need for sugar which for me what a big bonus.  The flavours weren't too strong in my opinion they were just enough to give it that zing in your mouth.

So now we move onto the bled of both Green Tea and the original Tetly.  To me it tastes just of normal tea this is probably because only 28% of the tea is Green Tea.  That's okay though I don't mind as I like the taste of "normal" tea every now and then.  I think this is a great option however for people who may not like the taste of Green Tea but perhaps want to seek the benefits.

That's it for this review thank you for reading and I hope enjoy this post. See you in the next post. 


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