Thursday, 19 March 2015

Little Tiger Press Book Review | Train & Zip it

Hi everyone, first all I just want to warn you all that the pictures shall be of iphone quality.  My SD card reader has gone missing and my laptop SD card reader decided to break a while ago.  I'm sure I'll find it soon but just wanted to warn you all.  So the lovely guys at Little Tiger Press sent David 2 books to review.  I absolutely love getting books for David to review, in fact I think it's the best products I get sent to review.  Reading is so important and David is getting more and more into it.  He's even starting to read back to me from memory it's amazing I couldn't be prouder.  

£8.99 coming soon

So if you haven't already guessed from the title the two books they sent me were Train and Zip It. Lets talk about Zip It first.  Zip it is a great interactive book that really gets the mind and fingers moving.  It's has fun rhyming instructions that will help your little reader pick up new words but to also learn how to follow instructions via books. My only problem with this book is that the button for the pig was far too stiff.  I had a play with it before David did and I had a feeling he was going to rip it off.  He did just that after my attention was distracted for 30 seconds.  I don't blame him though as it was really hard even my dad who I showed before David had a go felt the same.

It has to be said though that my favourite page is the "shoelace" page.  It's never too young to teach children how to tie their shoes or even just a knot for that matter.  Infact the earlier the better in my eyes as it is quite a challenge do achieve when your younger.  

David's favourite page though was the kitty collar.  I think he likes it as it makes a fun popping sound when you undo it and pop it back into place.  Earlier I said about how the instructions rhymed so in this picture you can see it for yourself.  Over all I think it's a cute little book where your little one can not just read the book but really get involved.

The next book is a book literally called Trains!  Yes you've guessed it, it's all about trains.  If your little one doesn't know how to say train then I can guarantee you s/he will by the of this book.  It may even send slightly bonkers with how many times you have to read it aloud.

£4,99 Buy it now

This little delightful story is all about a little elephant that loves trains.  Maybe a bit too much.  Throughout the book different animals are introduced that you can teach your children as well as the many vehicles.  Another aspect about this book that I missed until I read it with my son was that it can teach children not only to share but also how being angry is okay but there is a time and place.  My son picked up straight away when the main character was having a strop and we talked about why he was angry and how he could calm down.

This book does have a happy ending though as he makes friends through the experience of sharing.  This I find VERY important.  I've always taught David to share at a young age and I will continue to do so.  This is a thick board book so it's easy for children to turn the pages. 

That's it for this review I hope you enjoyed it.  I will be back soon for another book review which includes and sticker book with puzzle (hint great value). Until next time bye!


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