Friday, 17 April 2015

Review | Little Tiger Press | Farm jigsaw and puzzle book

Hello everyone, yep it's another book review on the blog. God I love children books so much and this one is so unique!  So what is it?  Well if you haven't guessed from the title it's a sticker books that also comes with a puzzle!  A bit confused how that works etc well let me start the review!

 First off it comes in this cute little box that neatly stores not only the puzzle pieces but the book itself.  I think this is great because you don't need to worry about storing the puzzle pieces in a tupper wear box or infact finding a tupper wear box even large enough!

You'll also find a retractable handle.  This means that not only can little hands carry it around the home etc (because I dunno about anyone else but my son is now like "me! I'll carry it!") but it's also great for travel.  Okay maybe on the plane or train wouldn't be a good idea purely for the fact of how large the puzzle is (which you'll see in a moment). However going over the grandparents for the night/day or even staying in a hotel I think it's a great way to beat the boredem that you'll eventually face.  Heck even on your caravan holiday on a rainy day!

So on to the puzzle then......I told you it wouldn't be ideal for a plane and train trips didn't I.   Can you see my point now?  I mean just look at how big it is!  Not that it's a bad thing as it helps children's motor skills without them stressing out about it being too fiddly.  It also helps that the pieces are big so they have quite a big section of the picture on it to make it easier.  My son found this really enjoyable as he was able to quite easily find the pieces that went together despite only being 2 (though he's 3 in May).  However due to the size he did get bored with it sometimes but that's okay because he could come back to it.

Once completed around the border it gives you object and animals you can spot in the puzzle.  I asked David for example "how many cows are in the puzzle?"  He loved counting them and was very proud of himself when he found them all. You can also reference back to the book.  For example "right you've added all the pigs to your book, can you see any in the puzzle?"

The sticker book has several "blank pages" you can add stickers to which you can find in the middle of the book.  I'm pretty sure you could possibly take the stickers out of the book to make it easier but I didn't want to risk it.  A great thing about these stickers is that they easily peel off and you can re-stick them down.  This is great for young children as often they change their mind and stops any stickers from ripping.  I also thought the size of the stickers were perfect.  Not too small so that David had difficulty peeling them off and sticking them down and not too big so they didn't cover the whole page with just one.

In the book it will make suggestions like "add some little chicks around the henhouse".  Of course these are only suggestions and they can add what they like to the page.  As you can see David preferred to have them all in the henhouse and not around it.

This cute little sticker book and puzzle set can be found here for £8.99.  What do Little Tiger say about this book?

"This set offers something for every child, with a sticker book to complete and puzzle set to piece together. With hours of farmyard fun, kids can explore and find solutions on the farm whilst discovering all the animals with confidence."

Watch out for my next review which will be called "what's the time Clockodile"  It's a book that teaches children about time so if your little one is touching the clock subject this will be a great review for you to read!  Until next time!


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