Friday, 27 March 2015

Soap and Bath Bomb making event

So a few weeks ago I was invited to a Bath Bomb making event.  I was super excited as, as anyone could tell I love Lush and relaxing baths etc (saying that I might have one tonight)!  It was held at the rather lovely and lush Amba Hotel at Charing Cross by Midas Touch Crafts.  On upon arrival I bumped into Becky from Beckybedbugs.  I have followed her on twitter for a while but never met her.  After she wrote down her blog name it finally clicked!  So that was a great start to the day.  We were greeted with drinks and spoilt to an amazing lunch (I wish I could of taken the chef home with me).

After everyone had mingled and introduced themselves Naz from Midas Touch Crafts gave us a little history on soap.  Now normally history bores to sleep but it was actually really interesting how much soap had such an impact from an early date!  Once we brushed up on our history it was time to get stuck in.  First up was the soap making.  So first off w had to put in 2 drops of colouring in a small container.  I decided to put a drop of pink in and a drop of purple in mine instead of just one colour.  We then added the crushed up soap.

So as the room was very busy I miss heard what Naz said.  We were to stir the soap and colouring together before the hot liquid soap was poured on which makes sense.....Yeah I kinda did it the other way round...opps.  Naz was kind enough to top my soap up with extra liquid though to give it a smooth finish.  Much nicer then the lumpy one I had created.

Next up was the jelly soap.  Now I've never used jelly soap as I only have a bath but I must remember to buy some when I go on holiday cause mine smelt fantastic and it seemed kinda fun to play with.  We started off with food colouring, gelatine and liquid soap.  We then stirred to mix it all together until it became of an icing sugar consistency (that's what I called it anyway).

Next we poured it into our moulds.  Bubbles appeared on top so we had to spray on a mixture of vodka and water to try and get rid of them.  Apparently my bubbles were really stubborn and no amount of spraying would get rid of them!

Now for the final I should really say that loosely.  Making Bath Bombs was the final thing we had to make.  Now I thought this would be easy.  I mean it does look that hard right?  Nope wrong and you'll find out soon enough.

So first things first we had to mix cornflour,  Bicarbonate of Soda and citric acid together.  We had to measure them out VERY carefully.  Then we had to add a tiny drop of water to when I say tiny I mean tiny. I swear I only added a little but well I obviously didn't as you will see in a moment.  Then after adding the water you had to mix it together until it came out like a dough not being wet though.  After that was done we placed it into our molds.  After waiting for a few moment we then had to do the brave thing and tap our bath bombs out.  So what did mine look like.  Well just to warn you I hold no responsibilities to any bad reactions that may happen after you look at this.

 So yeah....I mean on the bright side Naz did lame the temperature of the room and I agree!  Also at least I had I put mine on the plastic bag other people had the same problem as mine and they put it straight on to the table.  It gave plenty of us a good laugh though that's for sure.

Either way I'm very proud of what I learnt and what I achieved and after talking to Naz about how she uses coconut oil and chocolate to tan herself I'm definitely interested in attended more of her classes.  Heck I think it would make for a really fun and interested Hen Party.  Not that I'm getting married any time soon or anything, just an idea ha ha.  That's it for this blog post now and I hope you enjoyed reading it and laughed at my bath bomb at least.  Until next time!


  1. This looks like such a fun event. The food looks amazing and how awesome making bath bombs would be. Dont worry haha i would be the one that gets it wrong too x

    1. It was very fun :D. I really want to check out her other events. I don't have many friends though in all honesty but would love to do something like for a hen party etc :D

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I'd love to try making bath bombs one day - looks like it's a bit of a fine art though (or careful chemistry experiment rather!)

    Tara | Headline Beauty xox

    1. haha yes it was defiantly something that took a lot of patience and skill that's for sure XD