Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Review | First Treasures Foot & Hand Casting

Hello again everyone, so I've been wanting to do the blog post for a while but the weathers just been so awful to take some amazing photos of the castings that I got done by First Treasures.  I really wanted to get some amazing pictures because I literally am in love with the castings that got done of David's hand and foot.  They are truly a piece of art.  If you are in Essex (or even visiting here) then I plead you to get them done.  You'll see them at the end but let me talk about my experience.

Now I'm not going to lie, I was really quite nervous to get David's hand and foot casted.  Not because I was worried about how they would turn out, but how David would react. At times David can be really shy and be really introvert.  Around people he knows at at school he's very much the opposite he likes being involved with stuff and he loves being around family and friends.  However in unkown settings especially around those he doesn't know he can be very shy and just not want to take part.  An example of this is when he was offered to model and went to Southend and he was having none of it didn't want to move at all and just kept hiding.  So we turned up to Laura's house (she can also come to your house to do the castings) and we knocked on the door and introduced ourselves. Too my surprise apart from the initial "I'm going to hide behind mummy" David became super relaxed.  I think what helped what that Laura basis her business from home and so David felt it was a friendly and safe environment.  It was also helped that Laura was soooo friendly!

She showed me her artwork that she had done before and my god it was beautiful! I couldn't wait to get started but was a bit worried David would get fidgety during the process. David sat on my lap and Laura got to work.  She was very good with David I was so impressed talked to him in a nice calm manor, explained to him what was going on etc so he understood.  David didn't mind at all which surprised me!  Then before I knew it, it was over!  I couldn't believe how quick the process was I was so impressed.

I decided to get David's hand and foot down so I could frame them when I received them back. I had a choice of four colours, silver, gold, pewter or bronze.  In the end I went for silver and I'm so glad I did.  With Kai due any day now (hopefully!) I can't wait to get his done.  Laura does so many varieties though I get the feeling I'll be making multiple trips.  Not only do I want to get Kai's feet and hand done like David's but I'd also love to get one done with Kai and David holding hands or something similar. Then there is also the option of saving David's feet and hand and then getting Kai's done and putting them in a frame together with a picture of them in the middle my god the choices are endless!

Please, please go check out her website at .  Prices start at just £25 and I can tell you 100% that every penny you spend will be worth it.  


  1. What a lovely memory. You really can forget just how tiny your children are, but this would help!

    1. And they make beautiful center pieces for your window sill or hanging up on the wall :D