Friday, 15 May 2015

Review | What's The Time Clockodile

Here we are again with another book review yay!  This time it's a book all about how to tell the time.  I was super excited when I received this in the post as David has just started to touch the basis of learning the time.  He's interested at reading the numbers on the clock and asking me what the time is etc.

As you can see it's a fun looking book with a clock that can be adjusted in the top right hand corner.  Throughout the book it asks pro-active questions like "what is the time?" and phases like "I know it's an hour as the big hand is pointing to 12"

Not only does it start the beginning of teaching the whole time to children but it also starts to teach the digital time. This is vital in today's world as there is so much technology around us.  

Not only does it cover the whole hour but it also starts to get more difficult as the books goes on like telling the time at quarter past and 5 past.  David found the book really enjoyable and loved moving the arrows to the correct numbers.  It's safe to say he doesn't know how to tell the time yet (I mean he is only just about to turn 3).  This book is helping him a lot though to feed his interest in time though.  

Another thing I like about this book is that it's not just random times in the day but it goes from breakfast all the way until bedtime which helps children understand the meaning of routines and times etc.  You can order the book here for £8.99 If you do buy it let me know what you favourite feature is.


  1. Love the sound of this book - might have to get this for my eldest as she loves clocks and think she would enjoy something like this :-)

    1. It's great fun and my son loves turning the dials to the correct time I've defo seen an improvement