Sunday, 10 May 2015

Review | Tyrrells Poshcorn

Hello everyone, so today on the blog I have an unusual review.  This ones all about popcorn or better still Poshcorn from Tyrrell's.  I haven't done a good old food review in a while but I wasn't going to say no to this one.  My son David you see is very sensitive to sugar I found out.  It's so bad that he can't even have very diluted squash without going off the rails.  As much as he does get the odd occasional chocolate treat I try to avoid it best I can.  So what better interesting treat other then the usual raisins and magazines then popcorn!

I did want to wait to open them until we got David back from his fathers.....however we were hungry and they were just sitting there.  We opened them up to have a nibble the first one being "salty & sweet".  Well what a first bag to open as it's actually my favourite.  It tasted JUST like cinema popcorn I kid you not.  It wasn't really dry either which I find with a lot of shop brought popcorns.  Obviously popcorn is dry, but I'm talking about the kind that you have to drink alongside with water so you can actually swallow it.  It also smelt like the cinema so I found that when I wasn't eating the popcorn I had my head in the bag to sniff it.  Safe to say...that bag didn't last long opps....forgive me David I love you but it just tasted so damn good as well as only being 119 calories!

When my son came back we decided to open the rest and test them all together.  David's favourite seemed to be Coconut and Caramel considering without me realising he ate the whole mother like son eh? I personally didn't like it so I was happy David did.  In my opinion it should of called "Coconut and salt".  I couldn't taste any caramel personally, it was more like you got the taste of salt and then the after taste of coconut.

Lemon Cupcake is a difficult one to judge.  I can't really tell if I like it or not.  The lemon flavour bursts in your mouth but I'm unsure if it's one I find pleasant or not.  It makes my face go inwards slightly that's for sure.  I found the next day when I went back to it however that I didn't mind it too much.  I dunno if perhaps that's maybe because I fell in love with the "Salty & Sweet" flavour though?  David sure seemed to like it as well.  I asked my partner what he thought and he shared the same opinion as me.

Lastly but not least we had "Sea Salted" now I don't like salty popcorn at all.  However my brother tried it and he said he liked it....yep that is it....that's all your getting ha ha I'm sorry.  If the flavour however is anything to go by then the others then I'm sure if your a fan of salted popcorn then you will be in for a treat.

I mean heck they were all really low in calories anyway but Sea Salted is only 83!  I mean you can't get much better then that for a non fruit/veg snack can you?  I think these are great to have out on a picnic especially if your watching your weight and after I've done writing this I'm actually going to share it on a group on Facebook.  I have found a bit hard to find in shops though but I don't have any big supermarkets around me a such.  I really hope that changes because I really do think this could be a big hit.  If you've ever tried these let me know what your favourite flavour is!


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