Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Fun with friends with bingo by Game Village

Besides a good career, caring family and loving friends, girls just want to have fun - as the lyrics go. I completely agree with Cyndi Lauper. Whether partying with a group of friends in a local pub or inviting them over for a night in, you’ve got to agree women love to talk. And it can go on and on and on.  I’m no different. I love going out with my friends, but after a long exhausting day, especially after studying, housework and dealing with David, I love staying at home in my PJ's rather than getting dressed up and slipping into the high heels and go for a night out. Hence, I simplified it - stay back at home and invite friends over and have a ball. Moreover, its easy to rack up a hangover for the next day.

Here are a few things which you can do with your friends at home:

  1. Cook: When I invite my friends over, we try out new recipes, add some twists and come up with a new experimental dish. Recently a few days ago one of friends made a dish and guess where she got the recipe from? An online bingo site - GameVillage Bingo where her virtual buddy shared a recipe with her in the forum section. The dessert was lip smacking. Like I said we added little twist to the dish with our own innovative ideas and also added the ingredients shared by her virtual buddy.
  1. Read fashion magazines: Like you all know, fashion and trends keep changing according to the seasons and climate, but in one of the magazines I read an article about the fad of elderly ladies who visit bingo halls in retro looks. These days ladies visit in costumes designed especially for bingo parties which consist of artistic bingo dresses, hats etc.
  1. Play online bingo: Online bingo is one of my fave pastimes. Since childhood, I have been visiting bingo halls with my mum. This game with the advancement of technology became a huge hit in the United Kingdom. These days I don’t have to visit a bingo hall instead just play it online. My friends and I prefer playing at GameVillage Bingo, as this site has an amazing variations of bingo games.

Host a bingo party today with your close friends and enjoy every moment of it. To know more about GameVillage Bingo visit the site today and get started this instance.

This blog was written for Game Village, it was written for me but I have edited it to make it my own.


  1. I think this may become one of my favorite posts this month. Becoz I love bingo games. Thanksss!!

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