Thursday, 30 May 2013

Invaded by caterpillars

So Sunday was as sunny as ever, it's a rare thing in the UK to be sunny. I decided to put all of David's toys outside, his trampoline,tent,tunnel and his electric police trike.  I even put his lunch on a plate for him on a table outside.  David was having good old fun on his trike with daddy whilst I was cleaning up in the kitchen.  It wasn't long until Jake came into the kitchen and I noticed a caterpillar on him, he asked if it was spiky/furry and I said yes.  He told me to get it off him asap as it can be dangerous.  I took it off with a bit of card and then let it out the front door.  I played outside with David for a bit and then I noticed he was about the put his hand on another caterpillar.  I took David inside just to be on the safe side and started to research into it.

The Caterpillar

As luck may have it I went on Flickr and found the same caterpillar in our town!  It was posted just 10 days ago, and it was a nest found on a tree.  It went on to say how the caterpillar can cause an allergic reaction.  Now I know I can't protect David from everything, but he has the habit still of exploring with his mouth. So if you can get an allergic reaction from just touching the caterpillar I don't even want to know what will happen if you eat it!  It was such a nice day though I didn't want to stay inside all day though as it would be waste.  Instead me and Jake decided to pop to the park round the corner as we needed to go to the local shop anyway.

Them eyes ♥
We got put David in his trike and made our way to the park.  He had lots of fun, he went though the tunnel and went on the swing with Jake.  He loves the swings it's his favourite thing about the park.  I think he was wondering why his dad was on the swing next to him though haha.

Like father like son.
Last but not least I will post a picture of my outfit and give details of where I brought it from. I like this outfit I don't normally wear stuff like this nor have my hair in this position but it was different and I liked it.

Bow - Claire's accessories
Dress - Borrowed from my sister [New Look]
Tights - Primark
Shoes - George.

Look out for my new blog in a couple of days where I will be talking about the Epilepsy Awareness event and reviewing some products!


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