Sunday, 2 June 2013

Epilepsy Awareness Event

So on Thursday I went into town as I needed to get some shopping.  I also went to the local park as there was an Epilepsy Awareness event on and I wanted to check it out.

 I'm not going to lie I was a bit disappointed that it was only a information stand but I went over anyway. I introduced myself and explained that I too had epilepsy and I wanted to come along to show my support. I think they were glad that I turned up , especially the girl who had organised it all.  They had loads of leaflets, funny enough one of them was about giving birth.  I picked it up and laughed with the lovely ladies "well I think I've got this one covered haha". I started talking to the lovely girl that organised it.  She had been seizure free for a while but wanted to get the message across about epilepsy.  She said how not a lot of people know the real facts about epilepsy and I had to agree.  Most of the time I think people think that you have a seizure wake up and your fine when it is no like that at all.  I actually forgot what I did in IT college.  It's slowly coming back but still it's quite scary. 
I looked at all the leaflets and I actually took one home with me.  It was about being epileptic and driving.  Now part of me is scared to drive incase I crash but it was comforting to talk to other people about it.  I actually want to try and change my tablets as I'm not happy with the ones I am currently taking as they make me put on weight.  I'm probably going to talk to my doctor about it when I go with David on Wednesday to get his jabs.  I'm not looking forward to that as I hate seeing David in pain and I hate needles.  I know he will be brave though and only cry a little bit as he is such a strong boy.  If you want regular updates then be sure to check me out on my other social networks.


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