Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Holiday Saturday and Sunday

So right now I'm on holiday in Wales and I'm having the time of my life :D.  The first holiday I have had with my own little family.  What is great though is that my parents are here with us too which means not only do I get to spend an amazing time with my son but I also get to spend some alone time out and about with Jake my fiancĂ©e.  We got here by train as there wasn't enough room really for all of us and I wanted to bring the trike with us as well. I didn't mind though as me and Jake got to spend some time in London just the two of us.  We  managed to buy some Bubble Tea and Sushi which was fantastic!
Bubble Tea - Strawberries and cream

Sushi onomnomnom

We went to Regents Park too where there was a cute and over friendly squirrel. He/she followed some ladies about which was quite funny to watch.  We then headed to Paddington Station, I've never been there before but it was quite big kind of like Waterloo nice though.  I also spotted the Paddington Bear shop, I didn't have enough time to go in the shop whilst we were there but I will probably go in there when we go back on Friday. The train journey was very pleasant and I loved watching all the scenery as we went past it.  I love nature so for me it was a very nice trip.

My outfit for the day
We arrived at the station right on time and then decided to take a trip to Asda.  Everyone is so nice here so far and we have had no problems with people. When we got to our caravan it was nice to see how much space we have.  Plenty of room for David to walk around with his walker (even if he does try to run us over with it haha).  On the first day we were here we didn't really do much though me and Jake went around the amusements to play on some of the machine. We took David to the Splash Park, though he wasn't that amused and was rather clingy haha.  He kept wanting to touch it but I think he didn't like the feel of it which is a bit odd and he loves splashing with water. I think he was tired though as it was after 5 oclock and that's when he starts getting tired for bed bless him.

That was pretty much it for the first day.  On Sunday we went to the beach, it was lovely cause it was a beach that was hidden BUT it was also annoying cause it had loads of blooming pebbles and stones arghh lol.  David had plenty of fun though playing with the sand...eating the sand *facepalm*.  Also playing in the water, we tried to keep him standing for as long as possible but there was no stopping him from crawling in the water and sand but he had lots of fun and it was really hot so he still stayed warm.  After we then went to a Tea Room and Oh-My-God it was amazing!  Not only was the food served on vintage plates but the amount of food and quality was soo good.  If I lived in Swansea I would defiantly of gone there more then once a month.  Quite ironic though as were it was near where I went when I was younger when I was part of a youth group AND my sister had actually been in there herself when she was part of the same group when I was older.

David playing with seaweed new texture

2 servings but my god look at the size of that cake!

David checking our waitress bum ¬_¬ pervert!
At night me and Jake went for a nice romantic walk and managed to walk two whole beach lengths!  We saw that there was a funfair within walking distance so we decided to take him there the next day.  It was such a lovely night out and it didn't get cold which was lovely.  We also spotted a few more arcades as well which was good.  I could tell you about Monday but I'll leave that until tomorrow so I have stuff to talk about ha ha.  As you can see we have packed lots of things into all our days!  Never a boring day with us,  can't wait until Wednesday we are going to Cardiff to go to the Doctor Who experience.


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