Saturday, 15 June 2013

Holiday Monday and Tuesday

So you guys already know what happened on my holiday on Saturday and Sunday. So I am here to talk to you about Monday.  So on Monday me and Jake decided to go and explore the town that wasn't far from our park.  We had already walked to it on Sunday night but this time we decided to take David along with us especially as it was a nice day.  We wanted to take him along to the funfair that was near us as so far he hadn't been impressed by the baby rides that were in the amusements.

Socks off (wouldn't keep them on lol) and looking bored haha.
There wasn't many people when we went in through the gates so we decided to try again later.  Instead we went into the town that was near and go on a bit of an adventure.  Whilst walking up to the town there was some building going on and I walked along the pier telling David about the different kinds of trucks and building vehicles.  They were building a new marina and put up progress pictures which was pretty cool.  So after that we got into town and me and Jake were thirsty and it was time for David's lunch.  We went saw this little cafe and sat outside as it was such a nice day.  The cafe was sooo cute and it had crafts you could buy as well as lunch to keep boredom at bay.  We got David a "kids tray" and my god I was sooo impressed.
After that we decided to go back to the funfair and not much had changed =/.  Not only that but there weren't many people a the booths and I hate  funfair workers that go to another ride to chat to people I find it irritating as they are supposed to be working.  I did find this little train ride and although it looked a bit boring for wee man it had lots of scenery for him to look at.
So on Tuesday we went to the swimming pool with David. He got a bit freaked out at first but he soon got a bit more relaxed it helped when I pulled funny faces in his spider man doughnut haha. He got a bit restless after a while because before we went he was tired bless him.  So we took him out the pool and dressed him and handed him to my parents who were sitting down beside the pool so me and Jake could send time in the pool ourselves.  After that we took him home and put him down for a little nap and went out to play air hockey and mini golf.  Hehe good for me as I won both of them! Wooohoo girl power!

I of course had a celebration drink hehe.  After that fun we went back to get David to take him tot he park.  He had lots of fun going down the slide (even trying to climb back up it haha) and also mastered the rocking horse type thing (I can't remember what they are called) here are some pictures of him playing in the park. 

After that we decided to take man on another ride in the arcade one that he actually like as it was random and had buttons on! Haha, a video of him enjoying the ride can be found on my Youtube.  Later that day I went to bingo with mum and Jake as we had a bit of luck and boy did we!  Our table all ended up winning and not only did we get our money back but also what we had spent that whole day!  Bargain!  I was actually a bit scared that some of the grannies that were in the room would end up trying to kill me lmao.  I will post Wednesday and Thursday in a few days.


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