Monday, 29 July 2013

Fashion blog: Printed T-shirts

So as a mum I'm always looking out for the best clothes for my son. Lately I've been hit by the craze of printed T-shirts for toddlers.  I think what is so great about this trend is that toddlers can look smart without the fuss.  Take this top from Next for example. This top has braces printed on.  It makes it look smart without the fuss.  As no doubt if you actually put braces on your child they would have them off in no time.

Next - £14
I'm guilty of buying David the sailor outfit from HM.  I'm not gunna lie it's one of my favorite outfits of Davids and I will truly be sad when he grows out of it.  He just looks so cute in it and also these have real braces on them he surprisingly keeps them on so they must be comfy!

I think these are a great way to make your little one look smart for a wedding or a special event without a great deal of fuss or stress.  It's such a simple but effective design.  I do warn you though some of these printed designs can make your little baby look so grown up, like a mini adult.  You don't have to go to the most high fashion shops like Next or HM though, F&F and George have also got into the trend.

Only £5 from George

Just £2 from Tesco!
However as much as I love the trend just like any other trend there are some bad prints out there that look like a bad mistake from the 1980's or some dogey Hawaiian shirt.  What I love is the variety of this trend too and that it doesn't have to be so serious and smart but also fun with lots of colour!  Take this outfit I got for my son from HM for example!  It's fun with lots of colour I've even nicknamed it the "olly Murrs outfit" as it just reminds me of him all over no idea why.

£7.99 from H&M
So have fun with this trend! be smart but also be fun!  It's seen the rise in band printed T-shirts too for the younger generation so watch out for them! 


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