Saturday, 24 August 2013

Changing my parental status

So I haven't really been active on here recently, but with good reason.  A lot of you may know this already if you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook.  I try to keep my private life...well that private but sometimes I find that hard when I feel provoked. Me and Jake are no longer together is the jist of it.  Some things happened and I don't really want to talk about them to the public.  The thing I will say is that Jake is still a wonderful dad to David and always will be his father and no-one will take that away from him.  We have shared custody at the moment and I feel very content with the current arrangements.

Even though me and Jake are no longer together I still don't want that to stop us in being a family.  I try and organise as much as possible for us to do things together with David on his days off.  For example last weekend we attended the Cbeebies Mr Blooms road show.  It took us 3 hours and well I was a bit disappointed but we both made the effort to spend a family day out (I will be blogging about this at a later date). 

Many of you may of notice that my recent picture taking on Instagram and on Pinterest as stopped.  This is as I did not have a phone for a while.  I now have access to a phone thankfully but it needs to be updated.  Also due to changes I am going through I have put my Youtube account on hold and have set my Etsy account to holiday mood. Hopefully things will be better and run more smoothly later on in the year but for now I'm just taking each day as it comes.  I still want to review products though and I can still blog but not as often.  So next week I will try my best to write about my day out in Reading.

See you next week. x


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