Saturday, 31 August 2013

Cbeebies Mr Blooms Road Show

So 2 weeks ago I attended the Cbeebies Mr Blooms Road show in Reading.  Let me just start off by saying getting there took 3 hours!  It was absolute hell as one of my pet peeves is arriving late and although there was no set time, it started at 10am and I wanted to get there for said time.  It wasn't really anyone's fault though, there was sooo many cars on the road.  For some reason everyone wanted to travel on the same day I did haha. Not only that but A LOT of people broke down.  I'm not even joking when I say that, I counted 11 broken down vehicles! It was crazy absolute madness, it didn't even get better on the way back as even though we went the other way round the M25 to get home there was still traffic from people joining from the M3! 

just outside (sorry for poor quality all pictures taken on my phone)
So anyway we got to the place at about 12pm.  When we arrived in reading I did get a bit depressed caused it dawned on me that this was the last time I saw my grandad and it was to say goodbye to him at the train station.  When we got there though I picked myself up and tried to get in a better mood.  However disappointment was to follow. When we got there I was surprised how small it actually was.  On TV it had always looked a bit bigger.  I was saddened by this as it took a lot of time to get here and although this was a free event 3foot festival was 8 times bigger I would say and it only cost us £15 and was much closer so we probably spent £15 getting to reading.  I tried not to let that get to me though as there were 4 tents up so there must of been something for David to enjoy right?

Sings to stuff
Nope only 1/4 of the tents David got full use out of and that was Rasta Mouse Music tent.  The story tent was good but reallllly small and considering David was now 14 months he would of just wanted to run everywhere and turn the pages of the book the woman was holding.  With the activity tent the only thing David could do in that was "guess the veg" that was okay as it would of enhanced his touch development but it didn't last long as there were so many people.  Which while I'm on that topic that was another thing that stressed me out. The tents were really small there was hardly any walking spaces and with some mums coming in with pushchairs I would even say it was dangerous as you were always bumping into people.  Anyway back to the tents.  Tent number 4 was arts and crafts and I was so disappointed as the only stuff you could make was for girls!  Flowers and butterflies...have they never heard of bees or snakes :(.

On the good note though they did have bees that David could look at but everyone else kept pushing infront which made me get stressed and upset.  Not a lot of people were polite or knew what manners were which made me sad. One of the things that David get most enjoyment out of were the reptiles they had out on show. Some man had a snake around him and they had bearded dragons which were cool and David took an interest in.

David watching the stage show

Last but not least the stage show.  David loved this as he could dance around and he liked watching the Rasta Mouse characters.  I only wish they had a better show line up.  I noticed that they repeated the shows on the stage and this made me a bit disheartened as if they didn't repeat the shows I probably would of stayed longer.  As there was not much to do as you can tell from above we left to go to the park that was next to the show.  Ironically David got much more entertainment and fun out of the park playing with daddy and me playing peek a boo with him.  If they have one on next year I probably won't be going unless they have one nearer to where I live in Essex as I really don't feel like it was worth it.
David and daddy on the big slide
playing in the sand.
tomorrow is my birthday so next week I might blog on that, over and out.


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