Saturday, 14 September 2013

Review | Ariel 3-1 tablets

So I am lucky enough to be part of Savvycircle.  I don't get to test a lot of products from them but recently I got an exciting email to tell me that there is a project open.  I applied and hey presto I was lucky enough to be picked to test out the new Ariel 3-1 liquid tablets.  When I received the sample I was so impressed.  It came in a nicely displayed box and was very well organised.  It came with a full sized sample box for me to test and 10 singular samples with a book for 50p vouchers for me to give away to friends, family and next door neighbours.

the box
inside the box very neat
What was not pictured in the box that I also received was a handbook detailing what Ariel does.  It was full of interesting information with what Ariel does and how it has grown over the years.  Not a lot of people would probably be interested in this but well I'm a nerd I like knowing all about stuff so to me it was interesting.

Now lets get onto the actual test.  So for the test I loaded my washing machine some dark some white (I always have mixed I've never ever had any problems mixing my washing) and put in 1 Ariel tablet and added some comfort in with it to try and make it smell nice as it always works well with my fairy non bio gel.  I did on purpose put a top of my sons in the wash that had a slight strain on it.  Nothing that should be too much of a problem.  Anyway after the load had finished I got it out of the washing machine.  First I smelt the washing as I always like my clothes smelling fresh and lovely.  I wasn't expecting it to smell as nice as my non-bio gel but I was at least expecting it to smell fresh with some sort of fragrance.  Sadly I was left feeling disappointed, it smelt clean I suppose but it did not smell that fresh now nice.  I was surprised as I used comfort with the load but it didn't seem to work with Ariel at all.

The clean factor was good however I can see that just by looking at it, it did a good job.  I also notice that it brightened my white clothes which I had never experienced before.  However again I was left feeling disappointed as although it removed part of some stains it did not remove all of them.  Yet again I have to use vanish to remove the stain which is expensive and I hope washing companies find a way around this soon.

stain still there and all it was, was cocopops.

So out of 5 I would have to give this a 3/5.  It cleans well and it doesn't brighten clothes however I found it did not lift the stains and neither did it smell as nice as what I normally use. I doubt I would ever buy these liquid tablets only if they worked well with a softner to make them smell lovely.

My next blog should be my top Etsy buys for Mums but we shall see, until next time :).


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