Sunday, 17 November 2013

Basildon Christmas Lights

So yesterday, me, my partner and David all went to Basildon to the Christmas event. I was really looking forward to this as they had lots going on.  It had said on the website that there would be market stalls, reindeer (which I have never seen before) live performances, Octonauts and Santa’s grotto.  Best of all was the free parking and lots of people took advantage of this for their Christmas shopping.  When we first got there I was so excited ‘cause of all the stuff going on.  We parked near Toys R Us so I took advantage of that and browsed for a bit.  Saw some bits that I really want to get David for his 2nd birthday next year (Yeahhh I kinda plan wayyy ahead ha ha).  Next we decided to walk along along the highstreet. I saw the reindeer but there were wayyy too many people so I took the decision to come back later when it was less crowded.  Me and Matthew (my partner) met up with his friend and we took a trip to Asda where David picked out some Satsuma’s and grapes.  On our way to Asda there was a timetable I saw for Octonauts and it said the next show was at 12:20pm.  Well guess what I made it back in time XD.  I thought it was going to be some sort of show (maybe I missed it) but we actually got to have photos with the octonauts so me and David lined up to have our picture taken with them.  We weren’t in the queue for too long and David got really excited which I wasn’t expecting.

David's jackups due to the way I was holding him haha
Whilst we were in the queue, some entertainers came along.  One was a “giant and his dog” the giant was on stilts and the dog was in a costume that uses crutches (I know how this works due to cosplay friends) The dog was actually quite scary in a way and chased after people but I suppose he was just acting though later on I saw him “beg” for food in a cafe whilst people were trying to eat and the actor even took some food off of a plate that someone had left which I found disgusting and rude. 

The dog even had balls...

My favourite entertainer was the singing nun on a scooter type piano oh my Jesus (ha ha see what I did there XD) he was so funny going around singing Christmas Carols with a high pitched voice and singing U.G.L.Y song and pulling funny faces at people.  He was great!  He was the type of person I would expect to have his own You tube channel.

Picture from above sadly the only one I managed to get.
Next we decided to go queue up for Santa’s grotto the queue was soooo long but I didn’t think we would be waiting around for too long...big mistake we were there for 2 hours!  Whilst we were waiting I fed David lunch and we snacked on grapes, I even went out of the line to go change him.  He was so well behaved and we were rarely bored as there were so many entertainers. There were pig people walking around (they were actually pretty scary haha) bears to hug people and on the floor below some people were playing folk type music, it was really nice and David even danced to it a few times.  There was even a tall maid (another entertainer she was wearing stilts) that came along and danced to it, it was kinda nice to see everyone getting involved.

There were these people in ice costumes (I guess that is what they were) and they were holding these, what seem to be glass balls. I think the idea was to make it look like the ball was floating and sometimes it did seem like it was. It was very magical though something about it just seemed to catch your eye and draw you in, David was fascinated by them. We also got given candy by some girls that were dressed up as Santa’s helpers they were all children friendly and were very pretty.  I normally wouldn’t of given one to David but he had been so good as soon as he woke up that I gave him one, he ate it really nicely too. We also got given a hat by the “elfs” working at the grotto sadly David hates wearing things on his head but it was nice for the other children to have.

I have to say I was really impressed with the Grotto’s decor outside.  I mean there probably are better ones out there (there always is something better) but it wasn’t too shabby, what was nice too was that the bell went off at each hour...though it was a painful reminder of how long we had been standing there for ha ha.

When we got to the other side of the queue there was a noise so I looked back down below and there were some grannies on trolleys I was trying to figure out how they were moving and Matthew said how they must be using segways. They were really funny though and one of them went into Ann Summers which made me chuckle.  I have to say that when we got close to the entrance to see Santa there was a balloon guy and he was outstanding!  I mean I’ve seen balloon makers in my lifetime but this guy was amazing I was pretty upset that he went on a break and I missed him as I wanted to ask for his details.  He made such amazing things from rainbows, 2 toned hearts, motorbikes, balls and even a fishing rod! 

So we finally got to Santa and David was quite tired by then but he sat down next to Santa all on his own.  I think it all got too much for him though as not long after the picture was taken he started to cry.  I think this was due to the fact the grottos he went to last year were all outside or with groups where this one was different he was on his own and it was inside.  The gift he got was lovely, it was a book which I’m happy about as it’s another one I can add to the collection.  I got a photo, babble, keyring (which I gave to Matt’s mum) and a fridge magnet.   I was kinda disappointed though as the photos I got were kinda blurry I mean they weren’t really blurry but they’re not the best quality and considering how much I paid, I wasn’t that happy but still a memory is a memory.

Next up I decided to go back to the reindeer as it was pretty late on in the day.  I was so happy I decided to go back to them as there was much more space.  I chatted to the nice lady who was looking after the reindeer and it just reminded me how much more confident I have gotten since going to the children centre group.  Normally I’d be in my head “shut up Rachel you sound like an idiot” but this time I didn’t.  David was really interested in the reindeer, wanted to stroke them he loves all animals but he still has yet to know the difference between stroking and grabbing. I was really pleased to see a sanitizer booth there so you could clean your hands after you had touched the reindeer.

I needed to pop to the library so we decided to explore the market stalls and there were quite a nice bunch of stalls.  There was even a guy selling flowers and they were really well priced so I got some for Matthew’s Nan who not long ago came out of hospital.  We weren’t allowed to give her flowers when she was in hospital so it was great that I could finally give her some now she was out.  One of my favourite stalls was one selling baby bedroom signs and toy boxes that were all customised.  They were so well made and looked so pretty.  I picked up a business card from the ladies stall as once I’ve done David’s room I’d love to get him a sign for his door. 

We were nearly at the library when we turned the corner and there was a fairground mini section.  I normally don’t put David on fairground rides as I am not sure if he would freak out or not and I wouldn’t want to ruin the ride for the other children if they had to stop it all of a sudden. But I saw a woman sitting next to the ride her son was in.  I asked the guy who was collecting the money if I could do the same and he said yeah so I thought heck David’s been so good today why not.  He loved it. He was in a pirate ship with wheels that he was turning pretending to drive it.  I think next time if we find a smaller one I shall put him in it on his own and see how he copes.

After that we met up with Matthew’s Mum and Nan (sadly my parents couldn’t make it) we sat down and had some hot chocolate and a muffin or cookie each and bless David he fell asleep.  After we finished our beverages and David was rudely woken up by a child shouting it was 10 minutes until the lights were going to be switched on.  We decided to all wrap up warmly and head outside.  There were soooo many people but it was nice to see all the local community getting together, a side of Basildon I had never seen before (even if I don’t live there) we all counted down and boom the lights went on and the fireworks started.  Sorry if this has been a long read but there really was sooo much to see and do.  I really enjoyed the day out and shall be going next year without a doubt.  I hope you enjoyed this blog (more like a story haha) and tomorrow I shall post my Lenor blog were I’m giving away a few samples!


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