Monday, 18 November 2013

Review | Lenor Fabric Conditioner

So you may of seen my blog about Ariel 3-1 tablets. This was thanks to the ever amazing Savvy Circle company.  Yet again they have been very lovely and let me test The Lenor Fabric Conditioner as well.  The pack I received was great it came in a nice box just like the Ariel did.  It also came with several samples I could hand out along with surveys people could fill out to tell me their opinions.

Packs I made up for my friends and family.
I was lucky enough to receive a full sized bottle and I'm so glad I did 'cause this stuff smells amazing! Not only did it leave my clothes feeling fresh but it made them smell sooo nice...I kinda didn't want to put the washing down haha.  The bottle does come with the average cup to measure it out to put in your washing machine but I never really use the guideline amount I just fill it up to the top.  It wasn't just me that thought this though other people I gave the samples too were also very pleased about the results.  Another thing I noticed was that the freshness latest until it has been worn.  Some fabric conditioner will only make your clothes smell fresh for a day then fade.  This seems to "lock in" the freshness smell until it has been worn, which is always good if you have a lot of clothes.

Prices for this Lenor range from £1.50 for a small bottle - £6.00 for a extra large bottle which will do 85 washes! (if you use the guideline amount).  I think it's a fair enough average price and often supermarkets like Asda will do deals so you can get more for you money.  The only problem is, is that I have found Asda's own supermarket brand fabric conditioner smells just as nice.  For a small bottle it's only £1 as well so that's 50p cheaper.  I suppose the trick to it would to buy lenor when it's cheaper then the supermarket brand which sometimes does happen if you look carefully enough.

I've never used Lenor before and used to always use comfort as I used it along with my non-bio fairy gel.  Thanks to Lenor I have now been made comfortable to use didn't types of fabric conditioner that I probably wouldn't of used before.


Would you like a chance to win a few samples to try out Lenor for yourself?  Well I'm giving you that excact chance!  For your chance to win these samples all you have to do is answer the following question:

How many washes does the extra large bottle of Lenor go through?
1. 60
2. 85
3. 96

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