Monday, 25 November 2013

Yesterday's Happenings

Hi everyone,

so todays blog wassssss supposed to be about the Chelmsford Christmas Event.  Sadly that was a huge flop.  I was so disappointed I knew we got there at 2oclock but considering the lights were not getting switched on until 5/6pm that was no excuse.  When we got there the streets were pretty empty.  They had ponies and reindeer and they were cute but that was about all there was too see.  We walked past the santa and I wasn't impressed at all.  Not only did he have a sleigh that hadn't even been shown any love for ages but the Santa looked like he brought the outfit on Ebay for £5.  There was a snow globe but as it was the only activity to do there was a massive line.  However unlike the Basildon Christmas Event there was no professional photographer.

Anywayyyy enough about that.  The trip wasn't completely wasted as I needed to buy David an advent calendar.  I wanted to make him a box one (decorate it myself) but Hobby Craft had sold out.  I had gone into Asda previously but they only had milkybar,mars and malteaser.  As much as they were fine I really wanted a character one for David.  One like Spiderman or Marvel.  I actually found out from David's father that Asda had sold out on the first day!  That is so crazy. Looks like I'll have to be quicker next time.  In the end I went to Marks and Spencer and got him a Snowman one.  There was a Where's Wally but you couldn't even see the numbers! o__o.

Next I went looking for a wreath but I came back empty handed.  As a Pagan I really wanted to get a traditional one but they were so expensive....of course the one I loved had to be £45...yep couldn't be cheaper could it haha.  They do have one in Asda for only £ only had 2 pinecones and a bow...I'm sorry but no just no.

However it's not all bad as this year I am FINALLLY going to be able to burn a yule log on Yule (Winter Solstice).  It's on the 21st this year and I'm dead excited :D.  It's on a Saturday which is great as I can spend it with David <3.    Oh and by the way if you haven't seen the new Hunger Games movie I suggest you go see it, it's fantastic!  Sorry if this blog seemed a bit boring but I want to leave my Next Fashion blog for my new beauty blog which will be launching in 2014.  Hopefully next weeks blog will be more exciting ha ha.

Lenor giveaway winner

So last week I set up a small Lenor giveaway.  Surprisingly I had quite a good response so I would like to thank you all for entering.  However there can only be one winner.  
That winner is

Skye Joyce

WELL DONE! I shall send you an email during today to ask for your postal address


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