Monday, 3 March 2014

A week full of fun [warning very long post]

Hey everyone,  So today's post was supposed to be a cooking week and whilst we did cook together we only did it for 2 days.  The rest of the time we were out!  This week has just been sooooo busy it's unreal.  You know what though? I have loved it, even got a few lay-ins because we wore David out so much woho.  Another thing that has been nice to see is how much my boyfriend has started to bond more with my son.  He's always been good with children considering his family is quite big so naturally there are lots of them.  However starting a new relationship with someone who has a toddler is slightly different and although Matthew was fine with this he obviously found it a bit hard to adapt as we all know toddlers aren't always little angels, as much as we'd love them to be of course.  Over the past week though I have seen a step up, if you want to call it of their bond.  Matthew will now come home from work and David is so excited to see him.  He turns into a ball of hyperness it's unreal.  Most of the time David will be in his highchair when Matthew arrives home so, Matthew will play peekaboo hiding behind him.  Obviously there are still things Matthew needs to get used to like understanding the way David thinks.  For example when David empties his plate and hands it over, Matthew thought this was bad, but infact it's David's way of saying "I'm done mummy".  So I explained this to Matthew and now when David does this, he takes the plate from David but asks David to put the food that he doesn't want back on the plate then takes it out to the kitchen.  I've seen David want to play with Matthew more too but I shall explain that later.

So what have we been up to?  Well on Wednesday evening I thought it would be a perfect time to make our very own pizza's for dinner.  As you can see from the picture above David helped me with the toppings we started off with cheese and you can probably notice in the background plenty of vegetables (olives for me ;)) this is what we ended up with before it went in the oven.  I was a bit nervous and it looked massive but thank god it shrunk in the oven ha ha.

The next day (Thursday) we painted David's nan's plant pot.  I decided to use the tray that the mushrooms came in as a paint tray.  I only had yellow, red (it actually looks more pink) and blue.  So it kind of looked like a hippy decorated it.  Nanny didn't care though she was just happy that we decorated it. David had lots of fun painting it and afterwards he did some finger prints on some paper.

That night we also made hot dogs on spaghetti.  I had only seen pictures of this so I just guessed really on how to do it as it didn't look like rocket science.  Only thing I will do differently next time, is only put one chunk of hot dog on one bit of spaghetti, so it doesn't weigh it down so much.  David tried to help bless him but each time he tried to do it.  The pasta snapped, I felt so sorry for him so I helped him a tad bit.  Cheeky little sod kept eating the hot dogs too!  Oh and with me watching very closing he even wanted to help me cut the hot dogs up (with a blunt knife of course).....though the hot dogs went flying because of the technique he was using. Still little man A+ for effort.

On Friday we went out in the evening for nanny's birthday.  We went to Grand Central in Basildon and the food was amazing.  It's made me want to go again for my birthday to be honest.  The kids meals were quite a good selection...even if the fish fingers were obviously just from Asda that is opposite though.  Sadly David didn't eat much and was in a terrible mood.  Due to him being tired though as it was late.  He loved seeing his grandparents though and we walked around the restaurant for a bit and there were other children there dressed as tinkerbell.  It made me giggle when they went "hey look it's Spiderman" due to David wearing his Spiderman attire. I don't have any pictures as nanny took them all that night.

Saturday we went to nannys again too see Matthew's auntie, uncle and children.  They are all so lovely and I'm so glad I have invited them to the party.  Malina absolutely adores David and is always playing with him and picking him up.  I have no idea where she gets the strength from she's only 11! Matthew showed off his flips on the trampoline which is always a joy to watch..not going to lie.

On Sunday we went swimming. We went to Maldon leisure centre as the swimming pool in my town is too cold.  Sod's law decided to play a part of Maldon have now got a separate baby pool (they used to just have a separate area in the main pool which was warmer) but it was under maintenance.  I thought it would be fine but the water in the main pool was really cold even in the shallow bit that beforehand was especially for children.  David even started to shiver.  So even though he was having a good time splashing everywhere, chasing after Matthew, trying to even swim, we didn't stay in there for long.  Which was obviously a shame,  me and Matthew both agreed to come back when the baby pool was re-opened.

So as you can see me and David have had a realllly packed week.  It's been great fun though and I don't regret anything.  Sorry that this blog was so long but it was hard to keep it short.  Fingers crossed it didn't bore you too much. How has your week been?  Any activities you've been up to?  Or just a lazy week in?


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