Monday, 10 March 2014

Sunny park fun!

So everyone, I'm pretty sure a lot of you have noticed that it's be quite a successful sunny week here in England!  Especially over here is Essex. Heck yesterday I got to put the suncream on and dress David in shorts it was THAT hot where I live.  We decided to make the most out of the sun this week and spend it outdoors in parks that are all around us.  Even though it was sunny and warm it was still muddy in some areas so we were covered in mud a few times (woops) but it's all in the aid of fun so I didn't care that much. We didn't go too far from home BUT we didn't need to, to have fun for free.

Now I will admit I didn't get photos of all the parks we went to as well, we were having far too much fun.  The first park we went to was Compass Garden in my local town centre.  It's a really nice park and you really get a sense of community from it.  It's got an outdoor gym which is very popular which actually surprises me.  It also has two parks one for older children and the second for toddlers as well as a new and improved skatepark and long fields. For some reason it didn't cross my mind that even though it was sunny it would still be muddy.  I was probably far too busy thinking sun, sun, sun, sun.  David still had lots of fun though walking along the paths and running around in circles chasing after the other children.  He makes friends so easily always has from birth which I'm pleased about.  

The next park we went to during the week was the park literally round the corner.  No seriously it's right around the corner.  We always have lots of fun here and what's even better is that there is no mud :P.  ha ha yay! 

Sunday was the best day of them all though! It was soooo bright and hot.  I got to put David in shorts for the first time this year yay!  We visited the park in Maldon and took David's trike as well.  As expected though it was VERY busy.  We played in the pirate park until lunch time.  Below is a stock photo of the park without people ha ha.  I was far too busy playing with David as well as making sure he was safe.

We then sat down and obviously had lunch, David had rice crackers and raisins.  He was going to have fruit until I noticed it had gone off!  I noticed the sale by date was the 8th of March! I brought it on that day! Shouldn't of even been on the shelves naughty Asda, thankfully I ate one first before David ate any phew!  It was such a nice day and the park was so busy me and Matthew decided it would be a good idea to walk along the seawall to Tesco (we could buy some more fruit for David) where there is another park there.  It was such a beautiful view walking along and we saw lots of great places.  One being a tea room on a boat!  How cool is that!

The views whilst we were walking were so nice.  A few people were riding their bikes and I don't blame them.  It was such a nice day. It took us a while but it was worth it and it was a beautiful walk.  We popped to Tesco and then headed to the park next to it.  David made some new friends and it was less crowded which was good.  Only problem though is that it was rather muddy.  Next time I'll be taking David's wellys ha ha.  I don't mind us getting muddy though it's all done in great fun.  Plus there is always the washing machine.  Until next week everyone!


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