Monday, 24 March 2014

Hello Spring/ Spring bucket list fun

Hi everyone so finally Spring is officially upon us however it doesn't men that the rain will stop sadly.  There will still be plenty of Spring showers we can't have sun all the time eh?  So David's now at 22 months and it's getting harder and harder to keep his attention on one thing.  He is distracted very easily so even messy play doesn't keep him entertained for long.  Hopefully this is just a phase which I'm pretty sure it is.  So to try and help keep me sane whilst trying to entertain my son I came across this "Spring bucket list" I thought it was such a great idea!  Some of the ideas are aimed more at girls/older children so I won't be doing all of them but I'm sure I will come up with my own version.  So what have we been getting up to this week well let me show you.

So on Monday I decide to literally paint the windows. I placed some paper infront of David so he could paint.  He didn't show much interest....that was until granddad came round.  Ah the magic of grandparents where a child changes their attitude and becomes a little angel ha ha. Whilst David was painting I painted the window.  I used normal poster paint as I already asked lots of people and they said it just comes out with warm soapy water yay!  On Tuesday after the picture David had made dried I cut out flower shapes and blue-tac them to the stalks. Now even on a rainy day I have a lovely Spring window!

Later on that day we did some play dough he's got quite good with it but still every now and then he will go to put it in his mouth. He'll learn the more we play with it.  I put this in his stocking at Christmas (I mean santa did) and this is only his third time playing with it so he'll get there.  At the moment we stamp numbers as he's learning numbers at the moment.  We do phonics in the bath.  I've started introducing colours slowly too saying for example "where's the blue playdough" he doesn't quite understand yet but I'm not going to push him into just teach him through play how it should be done.  Well that's how I feel anyway. Too many mums out there think it's a race to get their child to do this or that first but it really isn't and if you think like that well I believe your child will think like that too and it's unhealthy.  Which reminds me here is quote I found on Facebook which I think says a lot.

We also had some fun with magnets.  I normally have them in the easel board tray with the pens but I decided to get a baking tray and sit on the sofa with David.  We put them in number order from 0 - 9 and also put them in groups of colours explaining what colour each group was.  David noticed straight away and joined in with grouping them which I was very proud of.  He also pointed out numbers two being his favourite of course ha ha.

From Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon David his round his fathers but this means I have him on Sunday which means family time as it's Matthew's day off yay! I decided to tick off one of the Spring Bucket list ideas and go bird watching with David.  I needed to go out shopping anyway to get some crafty bits to make a mothers day present.  We headed to Hanningfield reservoir it's a great place to go for nature and it doesn't cost a penny not even parking yay!  I took some bread so we could feed the ducks.  

A pair of greylag and Canada Geese.
The ducks were on the green near the parking as it was really windy on the lake.  There were plenty of geese and we only saw two ducks which was a shame.  It was still lots of fun though and I kept pointing to them saying "Look David Geese" "look David ducks"  He didn't care much for talking he was far too intrigued in just looking at them.  He got a bit upset though when he threw the bread and it didn't go far so the geese wouldn't eat it ha ha.  We got quite close to them but not too close they seemed to be surprisingly friendly though which was good. 

After we were done I headed to Chelmer Village to go to Hobby Craft to pick up a few bits whilst we were inside it chucked it down with hailstones when we came out it looked like everyone had chucked slush puppies on the floor or something.  Was quite remarkable and very rare.  That didn't put us off though (well Matthew maybe a little bit) and we headed to Pets at Home.  We look at a few pets and David was really intrigued by these small rodents called Degu's.  I am thinking now of getting him 2 females (they have to be in pairs or groups to stay happy) after his birthday but it all depends.  I'd get them a tall standing cage much similar to what a bird or ferret has as they love lots of space and I can give them clean plain sticks (baking them after cleaning you also have to make sure you know what tree it's from) and give them hay for bedding and food.  I've researched it a lot and talked to one of my friends about it who actually knew someone who owned some.  She said I've done very good research and that I know a lot which makes me confident. That's for a different blog though hey.

Degu's!  Ironically Pets At Home didn't give them a lot
of space I wasn't impressed!

Well that's it for this weeks blog,  do you have any pets?  What are your children's favourite?  Until next time byeeeee


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