Monday, 31 March 2014

Review | Upbeat Protein drink

Hello my lovelies!  Today I am reviewing the upbeat protein drinks!  The lovely guys over at upbeat sent me a massive parcel of goodies along with 2 vouchers for free drinks.  Here is what I received below.  I am so grateful and a lot has come in very handy, even if it did take me and my friends a while to figure out what the "egg" thing was ;D (It's a MP3 player by the way)

We've already used the bag for our lunch when we visited a park in a different town!  Now I'm not going to lie I wouldn't normally buy these,  there just not something that comes to mind.  If I'm low on energy I normally buy a snack bar or something similar.  With high protein and low fat though maybe I should be thinking of these more often?  However it does come along side the problem of actually remembering and of course finding them in the shop successfully (I'll come to that later on).

Before I was given this chance I had never heard of upbeat.  Anyone else or just me kept out of the loop again?  Upbeat is own by the company Good Whey, yet again I've never heard of them (opps). They have a website located here. Which I had to use as I couldn't find the drink in my local stores.  I advice everyone else using the site as well to find out where there nearest is sold.  

That's the number on problem I found with this site.  Even after using the site to find where my nearest store was it still wasn't available even after looking in where it was supposed to be sold.  Eventually I did find it sold in a Holland and Barrett store in Chelmsford.  First I tried the Mango and Passion fruit.  The texture was much like yoghurt so it didn't offer anything new to the department of healthy protein.  The taste was bitter I was not a fan of the Mango club.

However when I tried the strawberry it was much nicer on my tongue pallet.  It went down like a dream. I'm still not a big yogurt fan though so I doubt I would be in a rush to buy these again unless maybe I was on a diet.  However I have told myself not to diet this year.  Instead I am focusing on my teeth (which is going REALLY well bring on September!) 

I do however feel like this is a good product for mums to have if they have the convenience of a shop providing these on their doorstep or near their children's school.  I mean how many mums out there skip breakfast?  Come on own up I bet it's quite a lot right?  Also how many of you go through out the day snacking more then having a proper lunch as your to busy doing housework or work related stuff.  Like this companies aim is it's to "fuel the gap" and I think this will benefit ALOT of mums.

So all in all this drink is not for me but would be very helpful to mums out their that skip breakfast or need more energy throughout the day. Until next week!

*I was sent this product to review and asked to give my opinion about not only the product but the company too.  ALL opinions are unbiased and my own.

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