Monday, 17 March 2014

Positive thinking leads to organised cleaning

Hi everyone, so recently I've done a lot of new cleaning.  I'm not going to lie for a while I've been on the lazy side of cleaning.  Obviously I would still clean the living room, David's bedroom, do the washing, wash the dishes.  I never really thought about doing other stuff though because I was so busy and well I didn't really know what to do as odd as that sounds.  I know this blog post will probably get attack by a certain OCD girl but I don't care as this is ME and I am my own person.  

When growing up I didn't have any chores, heck I was the normal teenager who thought a mess was an organised mess.  I never helped my parents clean anything we never had to do any jobs around the house. We never had pocket money we would just ask for money when we wanted it.  Obviously this made me very lazy but my parents probably didn't realise the effect it would have.  Having my own house now I obviously want to keep the house to a good clean standard.  With David now being a toddler this has become even more difficult.  He's having tantrums everyday especially when he doesn't get his own way. He's started to throw things too, this results me taking whatever he has thrown and not giving it back to him for the rest of the day. If he repeats this a number of times he then gets sent to his bedroom for 2 minutes. I do a minute for how old he is and well he is nearly 2 years old. For months I've tried to tidy whilst he is downstairs but you know what apart from the kitchen and the laundry sometimes (he likes to "help" me by putting all the dry stuff in the bucket back on the airer =_=) oh and vacuuming I can't do much else. 

I don't mind some of his toys being on the floor but for some reason it really bugs me when he's got EVERY toy out on the floor.  I'm learning to let go now as well it's now impossible to tidy up his toys as he'll get the toy out again as soon as I'm done putting that toy away. I now leave it to the end of the day and sometimes Matthew will even help me which is nice.  To remind myself of tasks that aren't so obvious to me that need doing I found a great website with a Cleaning Calendar 2014.  Not only does it have monthly tasks but it also has weekly and even DAILY tasks.  Some of these are obvious but to someone like me not all of them are.

I've been using this for just under a week now and I've seen improvements in my routine and cleanliness of the house and my mindset.  I mean I'm sorry but who actually enjoys cleaning? Maybe some people find it relaxing but I bloody well don't.  I mean yes the out come is obviously nice but then I've just got the mindset usually of "what's the point it's just going to get messy again".  With this calendar though it has motivated me more. I think organisation just motivates me in general I love organising things.

If your interested in this calendar and want to say more then feel free to go to here.  Obviously some of them are in American language so Automobile, obviously stands for car and  baseboards means skirting boards. I hope you find this useful and if not well I hope you at least enjoyed reading my blog.  Do you have difficulty with getting in the mindset of cleaning?  How has your childhood effected the way you clean?  Has anything changed?


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