Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring Bucket List Update

Hi everyone so the past two week we have been having lots of fun! You may of read my Spring bucket list post a few weeks ago, located here . Well this (and last) week we've manage to tick off some of those activities. 

1. learning all about buoyancy (well trying to)  

We did the activity about 2 weeks ago.  I laid out a towel and filled the washing up bowl with luck warm water.  I then got some tin foil and wrapped it in the shape of a boat as well as getting some stones and mega blocks to show David what would float and what would sink. It didn't work that well as athough he was interested at first he soon then had the idea to get his tea cup from his kitchen and started to transfer the water to his kitchen sink.  In a way when I think about it it's quite clever him realising that water needs to be in the sink.  It was however a bit of a pain to clean up thank god I have wooden floors eh?

happy chappy
After a while after that he decided to do something that I never thought he would do......sit in it.  Yep you heard me right....sit in it.  Thank god I put luke warm water in.  He then tried to get ME to sit in.  Nu-uh ain't happening, even if I was skinny as hell that I just had skin and bones I still wouldn't fit in there.

got to love how relaxed he looks lol
2. Feeding the birds

Now sadly I don't have a picture as I forgot to take one but we now have a bird feeder in the garden!  David actually found it one day and I checked it over and it was still in working order (aka it hadn't broken) I gave it a wash and it was good as new, yay recycling!  So after David found it I decided to get some bird seed balls for my local Asda.  I also picked up some Sunflower seeds but we can't plant them in the ground until end of April so I can't wait for that!

3. Making David his own garden

So one day it was really nice weather and I got my green fingers on.  There was a patch in the corner of my garden that the old tenants tried to do something with, it had large stones in it I really don't know what they were trying to achieve.  I decided to make this David's own garden,  I replaced the logs that were the barrier as I brought some last year which was handy.  I threw the old ones out and started to remove the big stones.  I then took out (nearly some are tiny and not worth pulling out just yet) weeds.

After that I dug out a small trench to semi burry the big stones that were already there.  The idea was then it would separate it against the patio. then after a bit more arrange of the hard soil it was finished.

On Thursday I brought David a welcome sign and a windmill for his garden.  I thought he'd pull the windmill out but actually he's just been spinning it which is good :D

4. Nature/bug hunt

During that same day we looked around our garden at nature.  David decided to pick the flower heads off of the yellow headed dandelions joy!  I didn't mind so much as they were weeds but once we've got proper flowers I'll make sure he understands the difference. We also blew a seed head dandelion together which was very cute.  We saw all different types of creatures, ants, spiders, woodlice, worms and a snail.  I only managed to take a picture of the snail as that's the only thing that would stay still for long enough haha.  I gave the snail to David on a leaf he picked it up looked at it then dropped it (poor thing).  He didn't seem that bothered but he seems to LOVE spiders and chasing after them just like mummy.

We've also been painting this week but no pictures of that and it's just a normal activity we do just like play dough nothing to do with our Spring wishlist.  Soon I'll be ordering David a birdhouse we can paint together as well as planting our sunflower seeds soon and baking flower pot cupcakes.  I can't wait!  We also still need to go on our nature collecting day out but we've either been busy or it's been raining.  We'll do it one day though still got lots of time left!

Until next week!  What have you been getting up to with your child during the weeks of Spring?


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