Monday, 28 April 2014

Mornings with the Candyfloss family

Morning everyone! Well morning for me not so much for you probably.  You see I'm writing this at 7:46am due to the fact this blog will be about the Candyfloss family. Well more of mine and David's as Matthew (my partner) leaves for work at 6:45am.  David however can wake up anywhere between 5am and 8am......8am is lovely ha ha.  Oh I miss the days of 10am!  No joke, I was very lucky when David was a baby he slept through the night from Midnight (his final feed) to 10am in the morning...oh I miss those days ha ha.  If he wakes up at 5am I put him back to bed.  I feel like if I allow him to wake up that time it will just put him into an earlier routine which isn't good.  

So first things first I wake up to him now a days growling...this is a new and VERY strange thing. Next after I've managed to climb out of bed I let David out of his room and we climb back into my bed.  David likes to snuggle up with me for a bit, sometimes pretending to go to sleep ha ha.  I get kisses and cuddles from him....and lots of jumping around ow! 

Since his new wardrobe after we've had cuddles in bed he drags me into his room for him to pick an outfit out.  I lift him up and he picks an outfit just like he does at bedtime when we read a book.  After this we head downstairs, normally me and David count but he's gone off counting and is now more interested in saying A and C missing out B.  I swear it's always one thing he misses out.  He doesn't say 1 unless he counts on his own by himself.  Once we get downstairs there is no stopping David.  He runs into the kitchen and goes "tea tea tea tea tea" though now it's actually "cup cup cup cup" he's more impatient then me.  I didn't even realise that was possible to be honest. Oh and by the way, yes he has tea but don't worry it's de-caffeinated ha ha.  

Our tea cups :)
David will either have cereal (most of the time coco pops but he'll have a variety) or toast.  Sometimes both if he decides he's going to be a piggy in the morning! Oh sorry I meant steal my toast if I haven't eaten it by the time I get him out the highchair (I really should make note of that and eat BEFORE I take him out).

David's Breakfast
My breakfast
Once I've done David's breakfast he straight away goes to turn on the xbox. He's such a cheeky little boy, as he knows this is how we watch our programe's (TV licence free whoop!).  I then put it on iplayer and whilst that is loading I put him in the high chair with his breakfast.  When it's loaded all I get from him is "chuga chuga choo choo" as his favourite programe at the moment is Chuggington.  He absolutely loves it gone are the days of Waybuloo (sorry De-li).  


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Although this challenge doesn't require me to talk about BelVita unless I got sent a packets of there biscuits (lucky 100 people! Jealous) I am.  This is because I actually love them! I was gutted I didn't get to try out there new flavour but guarantee I will be buying this from the store.  I first tried BelVita biscuits in October last year due to the fact I was staying at a hotel for a couple of days.  To be honest I expected the usual dry flavourless biscuit.  God I was wrong! Even though I got Milk and Cereal it was so tasty! I enjoyed them for several days they were my guilt free treat!  I would recommend them to everyone has wants a quick breakfast on the go when they left to leave for work without eating.  I found out not long ago they brought out a chocolate flavour. I tried this too OH MY GOD, it tasted like Nesquik milkshake nomnomnomnom. If you'd like to find out more (you really should) please visit there Facebook page

onomnomnom get in my tummy!  

Until next week my lovelies!


  1. Loved reading your cute post. What a busy morning bet you need you biscuit and tea lol. I was lucky and got the samples and the new flavours are yummy

  2. I'm not surprised they are yummy I never knew a biscuit could taste so good ha ha! Surprisingly I think I'm more busy when my son is not here! ha ha thanks for reading x

  3. Such a fun post to blog about your mornings, wish mine were less manic so that I could do this. Found you on the 'Mums Blogging club' on Facebook.

    1. Awww thank you for clicking on my blog! Yes I dread what will happen when I have more children ha ha!

  4. Loved reading about your mornings. Here's to the cuddles and snuggles. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part