Monday, 5 May 2014

Our #Morrisonsmum bank holiday shop

Hi everyone! So I was VERY lucky enough to be picked as a Morrisons mum.  I applied and didn't think I would be accepted but I was and I feel so very honored.  As part of this campaign I received £80 worth of vouchers.  In return I would buy my bank holiday food (I actually brought enough for the week instead of just 4 days AND a BBQ) and then blog about the quality of the food etc. I will be doing this in sections as otherwise this would be quite a lengthy blog....a book infact.

The Meal Plan

- Pizza (Friday)
- Spag Bowl (sat)
- BBQ! (Sun)
- Fajitas (mon)
- Curry (Tues)
- Pasta bake (Wed)
- Chicken steaks and chips (Thurs)
- Fish and chips (fri)

My Morrisons shopping Experience

So we arrived at Morrisons about 7:30pm - 8pm somewhere between that time I wasn't really looking to be honest.  Despite being quite late there were still a few shoppers in the store.  I was immediately greeted with the fruit and veg aisle. This is what impressed me the most in Morrisons.  I did try and film my shopping experience but my camera decided it would not play ball.  I also should of taken more pictures but I was far too distracted by shopping which in a way could be a good thing.  I tried to take a view screenshots of my video but it really doesn't do the water vapour section any justice.  Not to mention the herb section which I adored!

Image taken from
I mean just look at that! It's beautiful it looks like a mini garden.  I then walked towards the deli aisle which is also sectioned near the fishmongers and butchery.  Sadly both were packing away which was upsetting as I really wanted to try their butchers meat.  Luckily enough though that had butcher styled meat on the shelves!  They even had the little green grass plastic things (I don't know what you call them) which made me happy, as it brought back many childhood memories of me going to my local butchers in the old days.

One thing that did catch my eye is that there were many deals on.  Infact probably too many, I found myself a long time in the meat section trying to figure out the best deals and where I could save myself the most money.   This wasn't ideal for people who were in a rush or the elderly who probably don't spend that much time on comparing deals.  Saying that though there were lots of signs about Morrisons new locked in low prices.  They have put prices down on lots of there items and there staying for good!

I was very shocked to find was the bacon....some of looked like it had gone off compared to other packets that looked really fresh...even though they were all in date. This was NOT good at all.  I've heard a lot about Morrisons meat being top quality but obviously first impressions are everything and this did not impress me.

Whilst shopping around it was hard not to notice the wine and alcohol section.  It looked huge and VERY inviting.  However as I was looking after David at the BBQ I didn't buy any alcohol.  It was a very nice layout though and reminded me of the wine store we used to have in Burnham but sadly that closed down just like most little shops.

We shopped around for a while and filled up our trolley.  The bakery section attracted my eye. It was designed like a proper bakery.  We then moved on over the the frozen section and I saw a part that was broken.  I don't know how long it had been broken so maybe it had not longed happened.  I also thought the chips were a rip off.  I refused to buy a packet of chips for £1.15, when in Aldi I can get twice the amount for just £1.

When we got to the till our shopping trolley was filled to the brim!  In total it cost us £115.00. I thought at first this cost us a lot with what we got but after looking what we got for our money I think we did quite well.

Morrisons takeaway stuffed crust pepperoni pizza

Cooking time again was a good length though I had to leave it in for another 5 minutes to get a crispy base.  Flavours were good and unlike Matthews pizza there seemed to be a better coverage of cheese.  The cheese inside the stuffed crust was very nice and didn't taste rubbery like you can get with most restaurant stuffed crust pizza's.  The base was very nice and tasted as it has been cooked in a pizza oven!

This pizza was £2.  50p pp across 4 people.

Morrisons Ham and Pineapple Pizza

Cooking time was a good length not too long to wait.  Which means it's a good idea to cook these perhaps when you have friends over.  However Matthew felt he had to cook it for a while long as it wasn't that crispy.  The toppings were a good amount and the pineapple he said wasn't as over powering as Asda's pizza but the size could of been a bit more generous.

The pizza was £1.50.  37p PP across 4 people.

That's part 1 for the Morrisons blogs for now.  During the week I will be posting more instead of my usual Monday blogs only.  So keep a watch out on my social media pages!

*Please note, I was not paid by Morrisons to give a positive post.  All opinions are my own.  I was only given £80 vouchers to spend in Morrisons to spend on food for purposes of this blog.


  1. I never really shop at Morrisons but those pizzas look amazing!


    1. the pepperoni pizza was fab as it was stuffed crust but my partners not so much ha ha I feel it needed more cheese.

  2. Well done, your haul looks great. And the photo of the water-vapour display is much better than you think. It is gorgeous!

    1. Sadly it's someone else's photo I had to use but that's exactly what it looked like lol

  3. Pleased you enjoyed the pepperoni pizza. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.