Thursday, 17 April 2014

Review | Flora Buttery

Hello my fellow soon to be Easter bunnies! hope you're all having a swell day.  So this review should of actually been done before Christmas!  Why do you ask was it not?  Well I simple reason really there was a big mess up.  I was supposed to be reviewing this product in October then there was a delay which I didn't mind until November. Then they said they sent out vouchers but hardly any of the people who were on the panel received them!  Basically in short I didn't receive my voucher to test this until late January.  This was a very upsetting experience in a bloggers eyes as I had planned to bake so many wonderful things with this at Christmas, but it didn't happen.  So basically I had to wait until I was baking again, I don't bake often you see even though I love to bake.  

So what did I bake with this?  Well if you have looked at the Spring Wishlist I've been doing over at my blog post, you will notice some flowerpot cupcakes.  Well my fellow fluffy clouds I decided to give them a go.  I got some silicone flower pot moulds at Hobby Craft for only £1!  I then got the rest of ingredients and made them with David. I did indeed replace the butter with Flora Buttery as requested in the panel.  They turned out like this.

So the taste test.  The good news is it didn't seem to taste any different to the normal un-salted butter from Asda which I normally use.  I didn't have to use too much for this recipe so maybe it would save you money instead of having to go out and get some butter? the buttery taste did come through though on toast but I for one like the butter taste so that was a win. However my other half did notice that the lid was kind of difficult to get off.

The Price

Now I know what your thinking "price doesn't always matter" but I'm pretty sure when your in a pickle it will. So can you save money by buying this, and then cooking with it if your known for excess amounts of baking?

Flora Butterly 500 g £1.70 (or 2 for £3)
I can't believe it's not butter  500G £1.65
Taken from Asda

Now obviously looking at that the "ICBINB" wins all by 5p.  But it also depends what sort of deals they have on at your local supermarket.  It also depends how much butter you need to use.  However seeing this and if you only need to use say 50g, then it would be well worth buying a pack of Flora, and using it as a cooking replacement for butter.

I hope this review put this into good perspective and there was a lot of helpful information.  I know this is not a good Easter Blog but I'll blog that (hopefully busy life and all that) on Monday the day after Easter. Should be a good one.  I'll show you what Easter activities we got and show you the Easter eggs my son got.  Until next time ta ta!


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