Monday, 26 May 2014

David's Second Birthday!

Hello all mummies, daddies and everyone inbetween.  So last Tuesday my son turned 2!  I can't believe he's 2 already it's crazy!  I dread to think that he's 3 next year,  time is flying wayyyyy to fast.  we started the day off by me showing David his trampoline.  I recorded it on Instagram so make sure your following me (I'm candyfl0sscloud if you didn't know)!  It was so funny as he said "no" he didn't like it yet wanted to get out the door so bad.

After eating breakfast he just couldn't contain himself he wanted to go on the trampoline so bad!  I was so glad I brought it for him.  Money defo not wasted here.  The party started at 2pm as it was a weekday so people had work etc.  I didn't get a lot of photos as I was none stop cooking food.  Not to mention checking the cake every 5 minutes to make sure it was okay ha ha. 

James arrived first and he and Matthew were blowing up balloons that made David go in to hysterics.  Again that video is on instagram.  If there is a way you can put instagram videos onto blogger, if someone can tell me I'd be grateful.

People then started to arrive and my parents gave him a balloon with 2 on it.  David loved play with it of course he has a thing for balloons at the moment.  My parents are buying David a picnic sand/water table but it hasn't come yet so we're still waiting on.  We're no rush though it's not like David hasn't got loads of other things to play with ha ha.

Whilst I was busy still and everyone else was mingling my sister played with David on the trampoline.  It wasn't long after until my dad wanted to go on the trampoline.  Well that was a laugh let me tell you that, a 58 (there about sorry dad ha ha) year old on a trampoline ha ha.

 It was then time to open his presents.  He had got money and vouchers from his great nan and one of his granddad's and a toy box (fire engine very awesome) and poncho spiderman towel from nanny.  Of course to David this was infact a box to sleep in.  Of course why didn't we see that.  He had already got the trampoline from me and I am STILL waiting for the playhouse to get back in stock....though to be honest the trampoline takes up more space then I thought so maybe it's just as well it's out of stock.

 After a while of playing and me STILL cooking (yes I had so much food it's nearly been a week and we still haven't eaten it all...opps)  I realised it was getting late to I brang the cake out on to the table.  We lit the candle and sang happy birthday to David.  I had to shout at him though as he went to touch the flame of the candle.  I felt bad as I upset him but I didn't want him to hurt himself.  I did talk to him afterwards and I explained to him that I did it because I was scared he'd get hurt.  He seemed to understand and then cheered up.  Didn't help he was probably so tired.

his birthday was monster theme if you didn't guess XD

 Everyone enjoyed playing on the trampoline again whilst I cut up the cake. David even ate his on the trampoline (don't ask wasn't my idea *facepalm*).  It got quite late and everyone then went home. I can tell David had a good time as when I put him in bed it went straight to sleep.

 I can see I might have to have the talk with David sooner then I thought ha ha (JOKING JOKING)

 That's it for this week.  Join me next week where if the weather is nice and hot again I will be testing out some sun cream!  Ta-Ta for now


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