Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day out | Colchester Zoo

Hello everyone!  So last Sunday me and the family decided to take a day trip to Colchester Zoo.  So glad we did as it was lovely hot weather....though there was a traffic hic-up on the way.  It didn't ruin our day though as we managed to see everything still.  Colchester Zoo I swear has grown again, I always have believe it's bigger then London Zoo.

We started off buying our tickets, I had vouchers so only paid £10 WHOOP £30 off!  We didn't really have a direction we were going in, but we decided next time we go, we should follow the yellow lines so we don't backtrack.  We first started at the gorilla's and one of them was asleep inside.  Most of the animals were inside as it was too hot for them.  Though some of them were outside loving it.


Silly me forgot the reins that day so David kept running off, though I only allowed this in empty space where it was safe.  Other times he would hold my hand though I did put him back in the pram if it was busy and he refused.

I was quite pleased to see that there was plenty of seating for people with packed lunches.  As we arrived at about 11:30am it wasn't long until lunch.  We sat in the shade under a roof and took a break.  David wasn't be naughty but just rather loud.  I mean personally I didn't care as long as David was happy, it's not like we were at a restaurant.

After lunch we found ourselves at the animal enclosure where all the elephants and giraffe's are. There was a feeding for the elephant going on and I would of loved to have fed one but the queue was far too long.  Maybe next time,  we decided to go inside the closure where the animals go if it's raining etc.  There weren't many big animal inside as they were enjoying the hot weather (who could blame them eh?).  However we got too see the lovely hippos staying cool in there little water hole.

Also before the hippos I forgot to add were some little creates like fish and small bugs.

Next to the hippos were the animals that needed to be kept in glass cages.

When we went back out and enjoyed looking at the Graffias's and elephants. As well as the rhino's and many other creatures.  We then decided to take a little toilet break and the park.  David loved the park and let me tell you it was hard to pull him away.

We then headed to the cheetah's but sadly they weren't there.  One of them was close to giving birth so it was my guess they either kept her out of the hot weather to be safe or she gave birth!  Instead we saw lots of birds and then headed in the direction of "familiar friends".

He dried to climb onto this goat!
As you can see from the first picture David had lots of fun making noise with the instrument.  He also LOVED stroking the horse.  I wish the local "farm" in my town wasn't so expensive I would love to take him there.  Though sadly it's turning more into an amusement park.  We went into the goat enclosure where you could feed the animals.  I didn't buy feed for David as there was far too much going on for him as it was.  Well let me tell you this....he hugged a goat....yep you got me hugged I goat.  My face literally dropped I was so shocked the goat didn't attack him.  I said "are you mad hugging a goat?  Your so brave David ha ha"......later on he then tried to ride one like he does with his teddies at home *facepalm*.

Along our path we were then met with a Japanese theme as they had some Japanese fish.  I loved seeing them and I literally wanted to steal their garden look how beautiful it is...I wish I could of stolen it.

We then backtracked a bit to see the wolfs, lions and other animals we hadn't seen. Oh we walked down to this nature reserve which was really nice and let David have a bit of freedom for a while (as by this time he was getting quite tired).  I loved seeing the otters.  I can't believe I got a picture of them hugging so cute!  David loved seeing the lions too he went "rawrrr" ha ha which is his new thing.  Before heading home I let him play in the soft area they have there.  For the first time he went inside on his own.  Apart from wanting to go up the slides instead of down he was very good.  Didn't get into trouble knew where I was.  I saw him dancing from down below to the music ha ha.

I feel it was a very successful day and can't wait to go back again next year! Until next time people.


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