Thursday, 5 June 2014

The supermarket switch from Asda to Aldi

Hello everyone,  So it's been a while since I have changed supermarket about 2 months if I recall?  I never would of thought of writing a blog post about it but my partner suggested it.  I thought it might actually be a good idea as I can tell people of my opinions and how much money I'm saving (which is always a good thing).  Of course you might be thinking at first "I bet the quality is not that good though.  No brands at Aldi and it probably all tastes as cheap as it is".  Actually no, well depending what store you go to.  I think that is for all shops though sometimes one shop will be worse then the other.  For example the Primark near where I live, Chelmsford, is tidy as anything.  If you didn't know what clothes they sold and were blind folded you wouldn't even think it was Primark it is THAT tidy.

So if you do manage to find a good Aldi I can without a doubt say that there food is of really good quality.  I obviously do a top up shop sometimes from Asda as it's local to me.  I can taste no difference between the meat and infact I would say Aldi's quality of fish is of much high stranded.  As well as you get more for your money.  When doing a weekly shop at Asda I would spend between £60-£80.  

I can now afford to buy stuff like this.
The good thing with me saving money with Aldi is I get to spend money on those little treats for the home.  I budget our food at £50 a week.  Sometimes we don't even have to go back every week as the amount of stuff you get in the packets is a lot more then what I used to get at Asda.  I mean don't get me wrong I'm pretty sure you could get around the same price at Asda for what I get at Aldi now as I'm eating more healthier.  However with all those deals and sweets etc there for temptation personally my shop at Asda would always be more.  Not due to me but because my partner is slightly (I actually mean a lot) addicted to junk food he will buy it if he see's it.  Aka put a packet of yumyum's infront of his face and he won't say no.

It's a bit pointless me making a list to show you the difference as it might not be different for you depending on what you buy.  My advice would be too just try Aldi yourself, it's always good to have a change now and then anyway so who knows you could save you could not?  My challenge to you is to find out.  That's the end of this blog, sorry if it's a bit boring and that it was delayed I had lots of writers block this week and a lot happened this week.  Until Monday hopefully my review of febreze, byeeee.


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